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  • Hi Paul, hope you guys are okay; with baby born, and your wife doing well. Blessings.
    Hi there, friend. Yes, we were in Europe; tiring; back now, though. We are doing okay, by God's grace. Hope it all goes well for Thayanee with the baby in July: :pray
    So you really like Philippians, too? for some reason Paul gets a lot of stick from some folk but I just love the way in the Epistle he prayerfully and joyfully encourages believers to keep looking up to the Lord. Romans: good to get a doctrinal grasp, yes. You might like Ecclesiastes, too, if you often read Proverbs.
    Tattoos: when one has met all one's financial obligations, anyway, it can be good to have a long term design plan in the pipeline, especially if it's faith related; it's probably good to regard doing it as a rather wholesome 'addiction', particularly if it communicates a faith message that you want to get across.
    Sounds like you've been keeping really busy. Blessings.
    Hey Farouk,
    good to hear from you. Sorry i haven't been around for a while..busy mate...waaaayyy too busy. Light at the end of the tunnel though.
    Where were you travelling? How you n your family?
    Thayanee's doing a lot better and baby is a boy! Due 21st July confirmed.
    No on the tattoos, saving money for house and baby. Maybe later in the year the back job will happen. After the cover up on my right many mistakes in life lol
    No on the metal just same old.
    Been reading Timothy and Philippians. I always end up back at Philippians , Romans and Proverbs. They are the three books of His word that seem to resonate with me and my life the most.
    Blessings to you and yours Farouk
    Hi Paul, been on my travels; home now. Hope all is well with you guys. Hope your wife continues to improve, health-wise. Read anything encouraging in Scripture, lately? I personally love the Epistle to the Philippians. Heard any good new Christian metal / hard rock? I think you particularly know about Australian bands; to some extent they are localized, in terms of where they give their concerts, of course. You or your wife seen any more good tattoo designs you guys might want to get? I think in Thailand people do it a lot. Blessings.
    Hi Paul, how's your wife doing, health-wise? hope she's feeling better these days. Blessings.
    Hi Farouk,
    ex Goth but still a metal head.
    Good to know all is well for you and your family mate.
    God bless
    Paul; we're okay, ty. Hope your wife continues to make progress. So you're an ex-metal head? Blessings.
    Hi Farouk, thank you. I'm just getting ready to head to the hospital shortly, so will update the thread if there is more news.
    I already voted on the Goth thread. Being an ex Goth and metal head,it caught my eye straight away.
    How are things for you and your family?I hope all is well for you under God's blessings.
    I've nearly caught up my writing work,so hopefully I will be able to fellowship and contribute more here once Thayanee is home and work is done.
    Take care and God bless you and yours Farouk
    Paul: Sounds like you're busy, anyhow.
    Proverbs is a neglected book, really, but there is a lot of wisdom there; chapter 8 especially seems to speak of wisdom personified, which fits with the person of the Lord Jesus, as I read it. Ephesians is a great Epistle, with a lot of strong meat doctrine!
    So there's a new back piece being contemplated? I guess you mean that your back is still untattooed (so is mine). Back is certainly a placement that lends itself to the big designs. You're considering a faith related design, maybe? It could be that your wife will be just as impressed with a new faith related design that you get, as she was with your other one.
    Hi Paul! So how's life? any good heavy metal bands discovered lately? any more tattoos planned, by either you or your lovely spouse? any Bible passages that have blessed you recently? Blessings.
    Hi Farouk,thanks for those.Sorry haven'tbeen very sociable this last week...very busy with school, writing and teaching at home :sad no rest for the wicked...AGAIN
    Blessings Farouk
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