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Recent content by walter

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    Use Of FACEBOOK Destroys Marriages

    I think it isn't helpful do either defend or demonize Facebook. The fact is that yes, people cheat out of their own desires, but don't be dense...Facebook ain't helping. The article is calling attention to the danger. Whether Facebook is good or evil isn't the point! The point is "there's a...
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    Is the wearing of Hijab or whatever it's called A Requirement in Islam?

    That's why I love my God. Not by works, not by power but by my spirit says the Lord!
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    How do True believers come to Believe ?

    Sometimes I wonder why my life is so strange, and I've had so many obstacles to overcome and so many tribulations. I then realize that God chose me and He's perfecting me through my trials to perform a task He has set aside for me.
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    Woman Destroys Sacrilegious Painting of Christ

    The exibit might have been private property but it was being displayed in a venue that is tax-payer funded. This wasn't someone's private little art piece. This was being publicly displayed. If she had broken into his house she'd be dead wrong.
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    Favourite Song Lyrics ...

    The Wall I'm woven in a fantasy, I can't believe the things I see The path that I have chosen now Has led me to a wall And with each passing day I feel a little more like something dear was lost It rises now before me, A dark and silent barrier between, All I am, and all that I would...
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    Woman Destroys Sacrilegious Painting of Christ

    She did the right thing but she also has to pay the price. God never said doing the right thing in His eyes would excempt us from man's laws. I agree that if this was a muslim who had done this the call would be for tolerance of his/her beliefs. This woman didn't threaten to kill anyone, as...
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    Bible Study The Unforgivable Sin?

    The unforgivable sin is knowing that God is real as evidenced by His work in your life, those moments when you KNOW He is there and enjoying all He does for you and teaches you... and rejecting Him and walking away forever. See, the Holy Spirit is God in you. Once you have the Holy Spirit you...
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    Christian Tolerance?

    I second that!
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    Has anyone ever gone to this site????

    Here's my personal belief. The second coming has already happened. We are actually waiting for the third coming. Jesus came, suffered and died. Then he wouldn't let the women touch him on the road because..."Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go...
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    Basically, if you "lean on your own understanding" as a christian, meaning you are the final arbiter of truth no matter any evidence to the contrary and you think of God as an abstract concept you are a gnostic. That's just my own understanding though...
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    The Tea Party

    I apologize in this thread to anyone who thinks I hit and run on posts. I just have a very difficult time logging in. It's hit and miss. Anyway, I liked the idea of a counter to what has been going on in politics here in the US but I'm afraid the Tea Party might just be a spoiler that messes...
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    Car Talk

    Check out their web site. Good for a few laughs. Car Talk. Car tips, advice, and troubleshooting.
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    Little known facts

    None of this stuff matters. The Pope is not sent from God, nor is he put in place by God. The Holy Roman Empire was not established by God. No other worldy religious system was established by God. None of this matters. It doesn't matter which "priesthood" Rome is following. It doesn't matter...
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    Take the Pew Survey Quiz!

    I got the Nirvana one wrong, but answered correctly on the rest.
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    Is the Ten Commandment Abolished?

    I was holding off on saying this but I see people still want to make something hard out of the simple truth. The law had many purposes and one of them was to cause Israel as a people to survive through all their trials. We now know for example that eating pork can be very dangerous. We know...