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    Derek Chauvin Murder Trial

    I have never been summoned but I have always thought it would be interesting to serve on a jury. Of course, the downside has always been the need to take a leave of absence from work and the compensation rarely is equitable. Now that I’m retired, maybe I’ll yet get that chance. It is also rare...
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    Used Coffee Grounds

    I find that I prefer coffee made without using paper filters. It seems the paper filters out more than just grounds but also flavor. So I have been using a screen type filter. I also find that I like using a French press with my fresh ground coffee. This creates a small challenge - what to do...
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    Double Masking?

    I see there is possibly a new directive that may come from the CDC that would recommend double masking? I don't think I would be able to comply. I have noticed recently that while wearing one mask I often find myself feeling a little short of air. It's subtle but it's enough that I can notice...
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    Covid-19 in Australia

    Was watching the news this morning and it was reported that Australia has an extremely low infection and death rate from Covid-19. I don't recall the exact numbers but I think it was stated that today there are only about 135 active cases and so far just over 900 total deaths related to the...
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    Racism, Really?

    This morning on CBS news there was a story about a woman accusing a 14-year old boy of stealing her cell phone. Turned out she was wrong. It was later found in an Uber car. Apparently the parents of the boy are asking for charges claiming racial profiling because she was white and he was black...
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    Yesterday, I saw a political ad by Joe Biden where he said that, if elected, on day 1 he would order a nationwide mask mandate. He was not wearing a mask when he recorded the ad so does that mean that it won't really be necessary to wear a mask until January 20? How does he know that masks would...
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    Are There Any Farmers In Our Midst?

    I have a question for you farmers out there. This year I managed to get my wheat planted quite early and so harvest came earlier than usual, Aug 1. I usually moldboard plow my wheat ground in the fall but to prevent too much regrowth afterwards, I wait until after September 10th. This year, with...
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    [__ Prayer __] Prayers For Our Daughter

    I would like to request prayers for our daughter, her husband, and their unborn baby girl. Our daughter is seven months pregnant and on Sunday afternoon she called to let me know she was going to the hospital due to some excessive bleeding. Turns out her blood pressure was quite elevated and...
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    Question for Site Sparky's

    I have a question for the electrical people. When replacing an old duplex receptacle with no grounding slot in existing construction that does not have a grounding conductor, I believe the NEC allows for the use of a GFCI properly labeled "no ground." I realize this is not ideal but allowed...
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    White Privilege

    I've heard the phrase "white privilege" used a few times and even directed at me. I would like to have a better understanding of what this means. To clarify, I realize that I may not even be aware of how my skin color has affected my life so for this reason I'm hoping to get some insight from...
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    Question for our Catholic Friends

    I was listening to the Catholic channel on Sirius radio yesterday and they were talking about how some of the Bishops were beginning to ignore the orders to lock down churches and reopen. When I grew up I was taught to miss a Sunday mass or a Holy Day of Obligation was a mortal sin, although I...
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    Some Fun News...For Me Anyway

    I thought I'd post a little something that happened to me over the weekend. I went fishing up on a large lake in northern MN this past weekend. It was our annual fishing season opener. The fishing resorts were open but we were asked to keep social distance practices in place as much as possible...
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    I'm Bowing Out

    Don't worry, just thought I'd start this thread so I wouldn't have to post this in all of them. Want to let you know that I have decided to bow out of the COVID-19 threads. Nothing personal. Only letting you know so you don't think I'm ignoring you. Just getting too wrapped up in those...
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    Web Browsers

    When I first started using the internet, I used Windows Explorer for a few years but then switched to Firefox because it was much faster and more user customizable. After some time even that began to get bogged down so I tried Opera and Google Chrome and settled on Chrome, which has been my...
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    This is Ridiculous

    I don't know what else to say. :eek:drool:nonono
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    Electrical Question

    This may seem like a silly question coming from someone with over 25 years of electrical design experience but alas, I don't know everything. My neighbor is building a new unattached garage. It will be insulated and finished on the interior but he wants to run the electrical circuits after...
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    Solomon or Jedidiah?

    During this week's men's prayer breakfast, we were looking at 2 Samuel, chapter 12. When we came to verses 24 and 25, something caught my attention. When Solomon was born, David gave him his name but God, through the prophet Nathan, called him Jedidiah because the Lord loved him. Jedidiah means...
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    I thought this might be the best forum to post this question. This morning on my way to work I was listening to an open forum program called, "Seize The Day" hosted by Gus Lloyd on The Catholic Channel on Sirius radio. I listen in quite often as I find it interesting, even though I do find...
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    I am often confused when I see various labels used such as a Calvinist or Armenian or Post-modernism or others. I searched for descriptions of Christian systems and found hundreds of them including these mentioned here. Some say it is helpful for identifying a person's core system. I started...
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    Buyer Beware!

    It seems that no matter how cautious we are, we can always fall victim. Five years ago this coming April, our church decided to create a website. Nobody in our congregation had any idea how to do it. At that time, there was a foreign exchange student from Denmark staying at my neighbors and...