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  1. theLords

    Justification for Fornication?

    Bible Bereans, can you please address this?
  2. theLords

    12th Century Christian Apologetics

    I found this link online: Medieval Sourcebook: A CHRISTIAN/MOSLEM DEBATE OF THE 12TH CENTURY (or http://www.fordham.*** edu/halsall/source/christ-muslim-debate.html -- remove the *** when copying and pasting) It's a debate between a Christian Monk and Muslim Prince. What I found fascinating was...
  3. theLords

    I think I want an Orthodox Study Bible...

    I like the fact that the OT is translated straight from the Septuagint. Is this a wise decision/purchase? The Orthodox Study Bible: Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today's World (9780718003593): Thomas Nelson: Books
  4. theLords

    What's for dinner?

    On another forum I used to frequent they had a large thread dedicated to your daily meal(s) of choice and even had members swapping recipes. So with that said: What did you have for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner today? Today for dinner I am currently having chicken stir fry with onions and red...
  5. theLords

    Are you for or against the death penalty?

    Well, it's April and the Spring semester is drawing to it's end! I'm currently doing a research paper on the death penalty, and I wanted to know your positions. Are you for or against the death penalty? If, yes, why? If, no, why? EDIT: Just in case my poll question is unclear: YES = Yes...
  6. theLords

    End Times "Fantasy" Thread

    When you think about the "End Times" going down, what do you think of? What does it look like in your mind's eye? Does it play out like "Left Behind"? Is the "Omega Code" the way you see it? For some reason, I always imagine that we'll all be forced to live underground (Literally, like in...
  7. theLords

    Working In Groups

    I hate working in groups :mad Does anyone have really bad experiences working in groups?
  8. theLords

    What did the OT Israelites believe about hell?

    What did the OT Isrealites believe about hell and why?
  9. theLords


    Has anyone seen this movie yet? I was amazed by it. Jaw dropper :o Excellent film!
  10. theLords

    Do you have a favorite Smiley?

    For me it's a 3 way tie between: :D
  11. theLords

    Déjà Vu

    What do you Christian folk think about Déjà Vu?
  12. theLords

    Spring Semester 2011

    I'm starting in a week, who else will be? I'm still a Freshman/1st year. I start on the 10th, and will be taking: English History Spanish Biology Intro to Psychology I
  13. theLords

    End Times Chronology & The New Earth

    Can anyone explain this to me through Scripture? After the Great White Throne Judgement, the Lord is going to establish His eternal kingdom on earth (so awesome!) forever? Also, what does End Times chronology entail? Trial & Tribulation, *Rapture, Apocalypse, Resurrection, 2nd Coming, etc...
  14. theLords

    Wives submitting to husbands

    Inspired by Nick's thread: I realized that for me submitting to my future husband is an honor and a way to submit myself to the Lord. It seems easy! Why do feminists make it such a big deal? Then...
  15. theLords


    Eh :bigfrown I have a paper due and a final tomorrow. I'm pulling an all nighter. I could have finished this days or even hours ago, but I am so unmotivated. I can't think of anything to write :confused I hope I can still get a good grade :rolling
  16. theLords

    Bible Study Matthew 26- Jesus Before the Sanhedrin

    What's going on in this passage? Why does Caiaphas recognize that the Jewish Messiah is the Son of God? E: Psalm 110:1 A psalm of David. The LORD said to my Lord, "Sit in the place of honor at my right hand until I humble your enemies, making them a footstool under your feet." Daniel 7:13 "In...
  17. theLords

    The son of sam is now the son of hope

    <SUP></SUP> <SUP>(</SUP>The people and the news media used to call me ‘The Son of Sam,’ but God has given me a new name, ‘The Son of Hope,’ because now my life is about hope.â€) David Berkowitz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wow, I had no idea. :o First, the Charles Manson...
  18. theLords

    The Council of Nicea invented the Trinity?

    Brethren, quite often we are attacked by the unbeliever with slanderous lies stating that the Council of Nicea, which convened in 325 AD, under Constantine invented the theological doctrine of the Trinity. I would like to present to you Exhibit A in the case against these slanderous lies...
  19. theLords

    Do animals go to heaven?

    Why or why not? Personally, I saw yes. If earth is a flawed reflection of what heaven truly is than why can't animals go to heaven? Dogs are a beautiful representation of the unconditional love of the Lord. :yes They don't call them man's best friend for nothing. Although, we can certainly do...
  20. theLords

    The Digital Story of the Nativity Thought this was super cute!