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  1. God's_gift

    [__ Prayer __] Praise God! One of my dream had just came true:-)

    One of my dreams before when I was still in the university is to watch the Planetshakers concert. It was a very simple dream but I was also thinking it's very impossible for the Australian international band to come into our country especially in our island. But nothing is really impossible for...
  2. God's_gift

    I'm back and hello all

    I'm back to the site, been trying to log -in using my previous account God's_gift but i failed. Anyways, I'm back. I miss you all. God's_gift:wave
  3. God's_gift

    [__ Prayer __] Please pray hat the bitterness will go away

    Hi everyone, it's been awhile since i last post here. I actually miss you all, i miss everything, i miss my self. Right now , i'm in the process of healing. The person that i trusted betrayed me , it has been almost 5 months since , but why is it so hard for me to move on and extend God's...
  4. God's_gift

    FB thing make me feel insecure

    So here's the latest struggle of my heart. I'm in a 3 month, long distance relationship with my boyfriend this week. But i feel unpeaceful lately or shall i say battling over this unknown before insecurities..hays :shrug i think my boyfriend is " too friendly in Facebook" with girls ( his ex)...
  5. God's_gift

    Let's Play a Word Game!

    Let's Play a Word Game! Just fill in the blanks , anything that would come up on your wise and beautiful mind !:thumbsup;):-) eg. The ____ is _____. The day is beautiful. I'll start, ___ drink ___ cofee.
  6. God's_gift

    What kind of traveler are you?

    What kind of traveler are you? disregarding my work related travels,...i love the sun and the sand so i'm a beach bum :-) how about you?
  7. God's_gift

    Fast food Uniforms

    Have you ever worked in a fastfood? I’ve worked in a fast food and cafeteria when I was in college it was called the <ST1:p<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:PlaceName>Maxicom & Coffee <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">Republic.</st1:PlaceType></ST1:p We have this crazy...
  8. God's_gift

    When was the last time you did something for the first time?

    When was the last time you did something for the first time? July 2008 , was my first time riding the subway! :-)
  9. God's_gift

    What is the first website you go to in the morning?

    What is the first website you go to in the morning? Mine is ....and sometimes of course :D
  10. God's_gift


    what's your fave food for breakfast and what do you usually have for breakfast....:D mine is tapsilog...rice plus egg and beef tapa..yummm ( i actually skipped lunch today and i'm starving) :D
  11. God's_gift


    I’m recently hooked up with the old tv series “ Chuck” . For those who missed it before , Chuck the main character of the series is an "average computer-whiz-next-door" ( in short computer nerd) who turned into a government spy agent. Well, I’m actually still in the first season so I’m excited...
  12. God's_gift

    “What's a Guy to Do?†by Elizabeth Adams

    I would like to share this Splendid reading from ( a website on focus on the family) “What's a Guy to Do?†by Elizabeth Adams I met him at church. As I stood on the fringes, he came over to greet me — the guest. His eye contact and his questions were warm and...
  13. God's_gift

    Father's day Greetings and Stories

    It's another dad year!:-) June 17 ( Sunday)
  14. God's_gift

    Bring Me Something, Game

    This game will enhance our knowledge and awareness to many places and countries around the Globe. It’s ok to look for the answer on books, net and from the stock knowledge in your head. :-) And if you can also include the picture and some information that would be awesome! For example Bring...
  15. God's_gift

    Views about Love and Relationship

    Singles out there like me for sure can learn something from the married people's experiences. What's their say ?:-) My question is..., How your view about love and relationship change after you got married? And for the single, engage or whatever your status is ,what's your present view...
  16. God's_gift

    When Men cry

    Tears don’t usually come easily to men. But in John 11: 35 ,†Jesus weptâ€. Is crying, a weakness in your eyes? What are the things that make men cry?
  17. God's_gift

    Love Symptoms

    Singing in the shower, that's what i usually do. No, I am not in love to someone, I have a welcoming calm in terms of love life right now you know. I guess I’m just inspired today more than ever:D, but this new boarder in the house where I’m staying at, she was joking at me and say “hey I...
  18. God's_gift


    Strangers You don’t know that we both belong Because right now we’re just strangers… Not sure how He will bring you to me from somewhere out of nowhere Because right now we’re just strangers… You don’t know that we will last forever Because right now we’re just strangers…...
  19. God's_gift

    London, 2012 Summer Olympics!

    Who will go with me to London this coming July/August for the 2012 Summer Olympics?:lol:D( how i wish) Barcelona ( 1992) and Sydney ( 2000) were two of the most legendary Summer Olympic host in history. What do you think about London as the venue for this year?
  20. God's_gift

    Colorful Words

    Look at the chart below and say the COLOR of the word, NOT the word itself. GREEN ORANGE RED BLUE VIOLET YELLOW PINK YELLOW WHITE ORANGE GREEN BLACK RED VIOLET