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  1. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer Request

    Prayer request that my boss will let me take Good Friday off, so that I may attend church service with my family.
  2. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer to Remove Depression

    I have been battling depression and feel so tired and sad lately. I have been fighting it and ask for relief. I ask for the joy of the LORD and experience comfort.
  3. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for Strength

    I work at an abusive workplace, where the manager give me some of the most stressful, physically demanding and demeaning tasks. The manager's favourite employees harass me and bully me. Although they are new and first started working at the company, he granted them benefits. I have working there...
  4. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Praying for a Miracle

    I've been facing so many problems that I don't know where to start. I just want prayer to get through with life and not give in. I feel defeated and I need the Holy Spirit's guidance and the strength to face the future.
  5. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer Requests

    I have several prayer requests. I pray that I can give it all to God. 1) Problems at Work - I've been having difficulties at my current job, mainly with connecting with people. I just want to come to work, but people don't want to work and there are people causing trouble. There is a lot of...
  6. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Fearful

    I am finally returning to work on Wednesday after being off for 3 weeks. I am extremely fearful, especially since there are coworkers that do not like me and have tried to get me fired before I left. I have been demoted, and no longer have a desk. I pray that my stuff is still safe and that they...
  7. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer at Work

    I ask prayer for my boss, and my coworkers who have persecuted me. Remove any sin, pain and resentment in my heart against anyone at the workplace. Guidance as I complete my work. Protect me from daydreaming or escaping. Let God enter the workplace and control every aspect of my life. I ask...
  8. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Uncertainty

    I screwed up at work, and got into a fight with a lot of people. I also have sinned against money. I did not realize what I was doing. Pride entered my heart and head. I let insecurities get to me. There was a problem that I did not deal with earlier and has now caused problems. I also have...
  9. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer

    First of all, Praise God for his protection. I got rear ended while driving home from work today. I'm fine, just a little shaken up and still in shock. It's my first accident. The car looks fine. The other person is alright physically. It seems alright now. I just pray that there is no...
  10. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Job Interview

    I have two job interviews this week, and I just pray for guidance.
  11. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Praise Report - School Presentations

    Something that is a miracle for me happened today. I am normally a very shy individual and have trouble standing up in a group of people presenting. I am terrified of public speaking. Today, I had 2 presentations, and was very apprehensive about them. Nevertheless, when I got my mark back, I was...
  12. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Healing and Protection

    I am not feeling well, and have a lot of work due. Please pray for me healing. Also, please pray for that my love ones will be protected from sickness, especially my mother who is on immunosuppressant medication. In Jesus Name. Amen.
  13. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Small Request

    This is such a small issue, but I was wondering if I can have prayer for it. The laptop that I am using for school broke down, along with my pharmacy notes and work items. I am distraught as I did not have back up, and my assignments, projects and school related items disappeared with it. Also...
  14. wren51

    Hello Again

    I remember finding this forum on the internet 5 years from this date. I was in the midst of deep depression, it cleared up for a bit, I got busy with other things in life and disappeared for a bit. Then 2 years ago, I experienced probably the worse depressive episode of my life and remembered...
  15. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Please pray for me

    I've been going through a rough time lately, please pray for me.
  16. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for Needs and Direction

    I was laid off from a full-time job today due to shortage of work. I am a little concerned about being able to pay off my debts, but I believe that God will meet my needs. As I search for a new job, please pray that the Holy Spirit would guide me and that I would be able to listen to the...
  17. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for Comfort

    I am currently struggling with depression and loneliness. Please pray that I will keep seeking the Lord and accept God's Will for me in my life. Also please pray for the salvation of my unsaved family and friends.
  18. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Please pray for me

    Hi all. Its been a long while. Please pray for me. I'm going through a tough time right now and can't really find the words to describe it. All I know is that prayer works, and the God in His own time will answer.
  19. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Please Pray for My Dad

    My father lost his hand in a lawnmower accident a few days ago. He's alright now, but he is in a lot of pain physically and emotionally. Despite the problem, my family has seen a lot of blessings. I just want to pray for strength for my father, who loves building things and will be relearning...
  20. wren51

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for a friend

    I have a friend who is going through a tough time lately. She's been battling depression since we were in Jr. High, and lately her mood has been low. Also, she's been struggling with chronic health problems and just started seeking health for them now. Another thing is that she is muslim...