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  1. Jim Parker

    The name "Jehovah"

    The name Jehovah Ancient Hebrew was written without vowels. The word “God” looked like this: יְהֹוָה It was written right to left. יְהֹוָה ה(yod, maybe silent) וָ (V or W) ה (hay) יְ (yod) <<<<-------------------------------------------------------<<< During the 2nd temple period, (516...
  2. Jim Parker

    John 1:1c "and the word was God."

    Response to “The word was A god.” There is no indefinite article in Koine (New Testament) Greek. ( As in .."A tree") JW’s teaching: Since there is no definite article before “God” in John 1:1c then it must be translated; “...and the Word was A god.” Corrective response: Nouns have...
  3. Jim Parker


    We're done
  4. Jim Parker

    Psalms Class 1C

    Psalms Class 1C OK. I’m going to take a little sidetrack for a moment. I thought I could do a week’s worth of Psalms a week. It turns out that I just don’t have enough time. If I try to go Psalm by Psalm through all 150 psalms, a week’s worth per week, it will take 30 weeks and I can’t even...
  5. Jim Parker

    Do NOT drink and drive

    Ole and Toivo were driving down the road drinking a couple of bottles of Busch Light... Ole, the passenger, said "Look up ahead, Toivo, it's a police roadblock!! We're gonna get busted for drinking dese beers!!" "Don't worry, Ole. We'll just pull over and finish drinkin' dese beers, peel off da...
  6. Jim Parker


  7. Jim Parker

    New Miracle Drug

  8. Jim Parker

    Go to the gym!!!

  9. Jim Parker

    Dog thinks it's funny

  10. Jim Parker

    Sign on Baptist Church

  11. Jim Parker


  12. Jim Parker

    Why did I do that?

    When you finish your 6th donut and regret your life choices....
  13. Jim Parker

    Feet hurt

  14. Jim Parker

    Psalms Class 1B Psalms 3 & 4

    Psalm 3 Ps 3 A Psalm of David when he fled from Absalom his son. The first line tells us what this psalm is about: David’s struggle when his son, Absalom, attempts a coup against him. So this is a “psalm of lament of the individual.” (It is David - an individual - who laments his situation.)...
  15. Jim Parker

    Halloween Tip

  16. Jim Parker


  17. Jim Parker

    Halloween Support Group

  18. Jim Parker

    At the Restaurant

  19. Jim Parker

    Breaking Addiction