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  1. H

    Are they the same ????

    Wow. There is only one gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ. Why is this even an issue? Only one Man died for us. Jesus. It's His gospel.
  2. H

    Are there really more than ONE Gospel ????

    No. Really. There is only ONE gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. H

    Date night

    We do them occasionally. But we like to do more getaways than date night. It's more relaxing and we have total focus for each other, and for days at a time.
  4. H

    Peter or Paul , is it the same Message ???

    Yes. Just different audience.
  5. H


    Well not to spoil it for you but the Hiro and Kensei storyline will tie in. You'll see.
  6. H


    Yeah no season matched the first. Plus the last season I started watching they had to make one of the heroes start dealing with lesbianism and that's not something I feel my kids should have to deal with everywhere you turn, so we stopped watching.
  7. H

    The Charismatic Movement

    Well at my former church this usually was the case. However I know that recently it happened to me personally as I was out for a walk by myself and was praying to God and asking him very intimate questions about my life and I remember addressing the Holy Spirit directly and crying out to Him...
  8. H

    The Charismatic Movement

  9. H

    The Charismatic Movement

    What specifically do you mean by new as it relates to the charismatic movement? The gifts of the spirit were alive and well with the first disciples. So at least in that aspect there is nothing new there.
  10. H

    The Charismatic Movement

    The Charismatic Movement can't be generalized and call the whole thing phony. Just because God is not doing something in your life, not you specifically OP but more a general term, you can't say the He isn't doing it anymore. I agree that what a lot of what people have seen is an abuse of...
  11. H

    McGwire Admiits Steriod Use

    You mean Big Mac used roids? Shocking! :D At this point is there anyone we can believe in?
  12. H

    Was Paul always correct?

    Was Paul always correct? No Does that mean we can ignore scripture? No The thing about that scripture is that you also have to look at the audience. If the Philippians was Paul's letter of joy, Corinthians was the exact opposite. They were in such disorder that Paul had to speak very sternly...
  13. H

    Brian HEAD Welch

    I've read his book as well. Great testimony.
  14. H

    Question for the married...

    Absolutely. Anyone that can put up with me for this long, there's no way I'd let go.
  15. H

    Who is your favorite Bible character?

    Paul. After Peter dropped the ball, so to speak, Paul took off with it and completely dedicated his entire life and being to serve his master.
  16. H

    Men's Forum

    PM certainly worked for me. I do have access now.
  17. H

    What are you reading?

    Well since I got such a good online deal on the hard cover, that's what I went with. Knowing that it pretty much would be a stay at home bible.
  18. H

    What are you reading?

    Yeah this is definitely one that does NOT come out of the house with me. Not exactly a carry along. :D
  19. H

    What are you reading?

    Unwieldy? What do you mean? Now I have to go to Dictionarydotcom. :grumpy
  20. H

    What's your preferred bible version?

    I like so many different versions myself. For just reading I prefer to use the HCSB and the NLT. But for studying I like to use the ESV and the NASB. How about you all?