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    The 'Lost Years of Jesus'

    I was reading in the 'Christian Talk & Advice' forum a thread about the lost years of Jesus and it kind of peaked my interest as to what others thought of this time. I didn't comment there as it is a 'Christians Only' section so I decided to post it here. If this is not the appropriate section...
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    The Arrivals

    Has anyone seen 'the Arrivals' series on the net? I'm halfway through it, it's composed of about 50 parts broken down into about 10 min videos, and it is kind of interesting. I am quite skeptical when it comes to people's opinions on the 'end times' and 'prophecies' as well as the 'conspiracy...
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    Clint Mansell - Death is the Road to Awe

    For those who can get lost in just an instrumental without words, this is an amazing piece. So powerful. Enjoy. ... re=related
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    Great band I just came across with a great message of hope in this world of chaos. Here's a sample, enjoy. cheers ... re=related ... re=related
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    Why is there no action??

    A point was raised in another thread a while back that I've thought about a little bit. The point raised was in regards to Islam and why an authoritive figure doesn't stand up and speak out against the atrocities being committed in the name of their religion by the fundamentalist extremists. I...
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    Orphaned Land - Interesting Metal

    Here is a great metal band I just came across. I got The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR album and plan on looking into their other releases as it is definitely an interesting style of metal. Here is what wikipedia had to say. Orphaned Land is an Israeli heavy metal band formed in 1991...
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    Gospel of Thomas

    I have heard a lot of negative remarks in regards to the Gospel of Thomas. I would like to discuss people's thoughts on this gospel and the reasons they hold for disregarding it. I have read it thoroughly and find it to line up the the other four gospels and don't see it as going against what...
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    The Nightwatchman - The Fabled City

    I just got this album, and it's fantastic just like all Tom Morello's stuff. If you don't know of him, The Nightwatchman is Tom Morello, the guitarist from Rage Against the Machine. One of my favorite guitarist and his Nightwatchman stuff is pretty powerfull lyrically as well, more of a folk...
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    Show me the proof??

    An interesting question that was raised that I would like to hear others opinions on. I was watching a debate between and athiest and a christian and it struck me that in all 'reality' they are looking for the same thing in their arguments, proof. The athiest wants 'proof' that there is a...
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    FFDP War is The Answer

    I just picked up the latest FFDP album and these two songs stuck out. Great powerful songs lyrically and musically, would definitely recommend. No One Gets Left Behind NO ONE GET'S LEFT BEHIND ANOTHER FALLEN SOUL NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND ANOTHER BROKEN HOME NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND WE STAND...
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    Are there any Muslim's on this board?

    Are there any members on this board who are practicing muslims that would wish to discuss their beliefs with me? As well are there any former musims that have converted to another religion that would like to discuss their reasons why? I ask these questions out of genuine interest and not to...
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    Are we to hate or love?

    I have to ask anyone who claims to be a christian how they can justify their actions in regards to these topics. 1. Why is there so much hate towards muslims? Is this what Jesus taught? 2. Why is there so much hate towards homosexuals? Is this what Jesus taught? 3. Why are those who don't...
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    Jesus' Authority and Parable of Tenants

    Luke 20:1-19 (New International Version) Luke 20 The Authority of Jesus Questioned 1One day as he was teaching the people in the temple courts and preaching the gospel, the chief priests and the teachers of the law, together with the elders, came up to him. 2"Tell us by what authority you are...
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    Jesus the firstborn of creation??

    I started this thread on the topic of what this statement means. I hope to hear others viewpoints as to what this means to them. Whether you believe Jesus is God or not does not matter in regards to this subject. If you need to comment about that then please use my thread 'christian beliefs'...
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    Why is Christianity better than others?

    I was reading around through some threads and became very discouraged with how many people were having problems with why christianity is the only religion and with the hate and distaste towards other religions that shows up in some posts trying to prove this point. The evidence is our actions...
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    Christian Beliefs

    Hi there. I am here to pose a question about 2 of my biggest issues with the doctrine in christianity. First, I do not believe in the Trinity and I have not found a rational logical reason to believe otherwise. The problem I have is for me to believe in it I need to change my whole...
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    hi there

    Hi, I've been reading on this forum for a few days and decided it would be a good forum to join. I have come across quite a few people here in my reading who seem to posess solid character and wisdom in there posts and debates so i think this might be a good place for me. My name is Ryan and...