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    BOOK OF REVELATION: Chapter 14

    Going to be some timeline jumps in this Rev.14 chapter. Discerning when those jumps happen is part of what Apostle Paul was teaching about rightly dividing the Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2:15). We recognize when it happens by keeping in mind prophetic events our Lord Jesus already gave us, with...
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    BOOK OF REVELATION: Chapter 13

    Our Lord Jesus already gave us the seven seals and the seven trumpets. From the Rev.12 chapter forward, He's giving us a greater detail of the enemy's system of working on earth in the last days. So it's important to remember what He covered thus far in Revelation. Rev 13:1-18 1 And I stood...
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    BOOK OF REVELATION: Chapter 12

    Rev 12:1-17 1 And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: Genesis 37 reveals who this woman is clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and with 12 stars upon her head. Gen.37:9 And he...
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    Here's Revelation 11, a very, very important chapter. We're still in the 2nd woe period with the 6th trumpet that sounded back at Rev.9:12-13. When that 6th trumpet sounded, the locust army was loosed upon the earth, and they have a king over them, the angel of the bottomless pit. We should...
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    God's Promises To Israel Continue

    God has continued His Promises to Israel throughout history, always at minimum to a believing remnant of Israel. Who knows about that? And what have those Promises been? And where?
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    History and Revisionism

    I get concerned at times with younger generations not being exposed to much history of my era ('60's) and my parent's era. I have no doubts there is a concerted effort to 'dumb-down' later generations, especially with previous history. And I think this is one of the deceptions for the last days...
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    Home-made Biscuits

    The discussion about ice tea and sweet tea got me stirred up to mention home made scratch biscuits, evidently a lost art among a lot of gals today. So here's a recipe. This was my grandmother's recipe, and her mother's recipe, and so on, way... back. My father taught my mother, me, and my...
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    Real Idea of Gap Creationism

    Some others here started another thread about the Gap idea of Genesis 1 obviously to air out (hot air mostly) their opinions against it, without actually giving anyone a chance to grasp it from Scripture. For those interested, here's a more fair view of it. General Explanation: Many Christian...
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    What Will The Great Tribulation Be Like?

    Firstly, I'll not debate those who think there is no specific "great tribulation" prophesied for the end of days just prior to Christ's return. God's Word gives ample evidence of a time of trouble upon the earth for the end that has never been the likes before, and never will be again (Dan.12:1...
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    God's Election

    I noted some were asking about the idea of God's chosen elect and the general idea of the election. Wanted to open up a springboard for it here. What I believe (not a Calvinist): John 17 to me is one of the most important and revealing Scripture of two groups of believers on Christ that are...
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    The Stealers and Spoilers

    One of the subjects that seems to be missing among endtime prophecy is of those who steal the wealth of God's people in the last days. The hearts of many in America are growing cold because of the spoilers among us whom God has given to rule over us. Lot of sisters and brothers in Christ don't...
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    Where Do We Flee To Christ At His Coming?

    The bodily return of our Lord Jesus is given in Zechariah 14, a Book of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testamnt. Without covering it you will be subject to many false doctrines of men about where our Lord Jesus returns to, and where the gathering of the saints to Him is going to be. So this...
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    Is The "he" of Daniel 9:27 Our Lord Jesus?

    Some here are misinterpreting the person in Dan.9:27 who confirms a covenant for "one week" (7 years), and causes the daily sacrifice to end and sets up the abomination of desolation as being our Lord Jesus. They're doing that to try and prove that final symbolic "one week" was fulfilled in...
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    The Resurrection

    It appears that many struggle with understanding the resurrection at Christ's coming, and who all it affects. It's very easy to assume that Rev.20:5 about the "dead" that lived not again until the thousand years were over are about flesh dead people. It is not. The following verses reveal why...
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    Are We To Be Watching?

    The pre-trib "secret rapture" theory says Christ's coming is "imminent", and can happen "at any moment." And for that reason, we don't have to be watching the events leading up to His return, but just be ready to fly away. And also, because we believe, Christ's wrath is not appointed upon us...
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    Ten Kings Over Ten Regions?

    I'm seeing a view about the ten kings of Daniel and Revelation involving the earth divided up into regions, and not simply ten nations. So I'm asking if the following makes sense to anyone else. Firstly, I've been familiar with the globalist goal for a "one world government" since the late...
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    The Balflour Plan

    The 1947 Balflour declaration for Palestine and Israel becoming a joint state is what's driving the nation's attempt at world peace. Britain had control of Palestine in that time, and they were major players involved in formulating that plan. That plan helped create today's nation state of...
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    Blessed are the barren

    Apostle Paul in 2 Cor.11 said he espoused us to one Husband, and wants to present us as "a chaste virgin" to Christ Jesus. He feared lest we become corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ, and instead fall to deception by the serpent like Eve did. Paul then mentioned he feared we might...
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    Prepare ye the way of The LORD

    In The New Testament Book of Matthew, there's a quote from Isaiah 40 about John the Baptist preparing the way of The Lord at Christ's first coming. How many have gone back to Isaiah 40 and read what was quoted? Isaiah 40 still has a future fulfillment, is why I ask. Matt 3:1-6 1 In those days...
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    Melchisedec Was Our Lord Jesus

    The name Melchisedec is from the Hebrew, and means 'King of Righteousness'. Some have accepted an old Gnostic teaching that tries to say Melchisedec was some flesh man that existed in Abraham's day, when all along, Melchisedec was our Lord Jesus back in the Old Testament Who met Abraham, and...