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  1. Not_Now.Soon

    Angels among us.

    While on, I've read a lot about Christian perspectives, interptations, bible studies, and juggling what's right and what God wants from us. I've read a little bit about God interacting in our lives, through prayers answered testimonies of a miracle like event, or just lives changed. To...
  2. Not_Now.Soon

    How did you find God? (Or how did God find you?)

    There are some great inspiring testimonies that I've seen here, some from a lifetime of simular stories, others from a select few testomies that they share. Then there are many here who have a conviction and faith that is equally inspiring. Or the knowledge and study to teach in detail the...
  3. Not_Now.Soon

    If you bite your nails....

    Does that make you a cannibal? :lol
  4. Not_Now.Soon

    It's not what you know, it's who you know. Know God

    This thought jumped out at me last night, so I just wanted to share it. Get your guys' thoughts on it. You know the old phrase about finding oppurtunities like a new job, or a promotion, "it's not what you know, but who you know." This is usually talking about the need to having a good contact...
  5. Not_Now.Soon

    What's the difference between having a good rationel, versus rationalizing bad decisions.

    This is more of a philosophical question then anything else, so I'm posting this in the Lounge. But I'm sure everyone has seen what I'm talking about. A person stays in an abusive relationship rationalizing that decision or rationalizing the actions of the person who hurts them, instead of...
  6. Not_Now.Soon

    Theology without the bible? ....

    On another forum site there's a Christian who holds a lot of respect for theology and writes articles for that site's responses. But he shows more and more on every article and comment that he doesn't count the bible as the foundation of a Christian's faith. I bring up this topic because my...
  7. Not_Now.Soon


    What can we say about hope? It is one of the three things in 1 Corinthians that is said to always be there. But what is it? What started this topic is a thought differing hope from confidance. Hope is for the lost. Those who don't know how things will turn out, but hope on what might be...
  8. Not_Now.Soon

    Musically Inclined?

    Simple question. Do any of you play an instrument? (Being able to sing well counts too). I've got a brother who's super musical and has both the talent and the drive to play. A few time I wished I had the same spark to learn so I could jam with him. What about all of ya out there?
  9. Not_Now.Soon

    [__ Prayer __] Challenges of Love.

    A coworker at my job is going through a very hard trial and I want to offer her sitution up for anyone to pray for. Thankyou for anyone who does. The sitution is basically this. Her daughter, 19 years old, just recently had a baby. But right now the sitution that is unfolding is where trying...
  10. Not_Now.Soon

    What would you do, if you were Called by the Highest Authority....

    As kids in school, being called up to the principle's office was rarely thought of as an honor, but was a sign you were in trouble. Later in life the same is kind of true if your boss calls you into his or her office, but sometimes it's not for a bad reason. If you were called by the...
  11. Not_Now.Soon

    Bible Study Looking for clarity on Song of Songs

    If anyone has insight on what the Song of Songs is about, I'd appreaciate it. It seems to be talking about a love and a marriage. But from there the details and the interpretations get me fairly lost. •Is the book for a relationship looking at marriages in general. A symbolic relationship...
  12. Not_Now.Soon

    A wish among wishes. A struggle of salvation.

    A wish among wishes. Beyond most dreams and hopes is the final hope, the lasting wish. That I might be found in your name, and have a home in your Kingdom. What a hope that could be. But on each day, I see my faults, and my strong weaknesses. I see every reason to not keep me and not want...
  13. Not_Now.Soon

    What does love look like?

    It's easy to know what it looks like for those that we cherish and who return our kindness and affection back to us. But what does it look like to love your neighbor, and to love your enemy? I've watched some here show patience to those who are hard to understand. And in the threads they...
  14. Not_Now.Soon

    Only God can interpret dreams...

    Both Joseph and Danial in the old Testiment interpret dreams. But I think they both give credit to God for interprating. And those dreams reveal something from God. One about a coming 7 year famine after 7 years of plenty. The other about a kingdom and the kingdoms that will rule after that...
  15. Not_Now.Soon

    From another site

    I wrote this in another forum recently and received a variety of negative reactions. If anyone one is willing to look it over see what you think, or if there is a better way of approaching the topic.
  16. Not_Now.Soon

    Not getting recognition

    Isn't it the worst when the good we do doesn't get recoginized, or if it is noticed it's credited to someone else? There are worse things in life, but this one I think shows how difficult we have dealing with our pride. If we could give God all the credit (without trying to squeeze ourselves...
  17. Not_Now.Soon

    Lessons learned after the fact.

    Modern wisdom encourages communication. It's the foundation to any, any all stable relationships. But the bible says otherwise in Proverbs 29:11 and Proverbs 10:14. The fool gives full vent to their rage, but the wise hold their tongue. Wish I had that thought before I spoke...
  18. Not_Now.Soon

    The Love of God

    The way God loves us, and the love God gives us is illistrated in the bible by a few different models for love. •The love of a Shepard towards His sheep. God has referenced His people to be like sheep more then once, and Jesus to be the good Shepard who loves and care for the flock. Not just...
  19. Not_Now.Soon

    The Red Horseman?

    Knowing prophesy and how it plays out in history and current events isn't my strong suit. However the description in Revelations of the Red Horseman seems to fit today's world more and more then it would have 10 years ago. Revelations 6:3-4 3When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the...
  20. Not_Now.Soon

    Final Fairwell. (Not me, just a topic)

    If you knew today was the last day you would see someone. What would you do? Whether they are traveling and not coming back, or you have some insight that this is the last chance to see them before they passed on; one way or another today would be your last oppurtunity to see that person. I...