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    There Is No Such Thing as A Future The Antichrist.

    Again true Only honest people can admit their weaknesses
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    Do you believe in predestination ?

    Believers are predestined to be saved, and the devil who tempts them is predestined to the lake of fire So technically both sides of the equation apply, if properly attributed to the respective parties Remember, Jesus looked Peter in the face and spoke to Satan He could do the same with any...
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    There Is No Such Thing as A Future The Antichrist.

    As do I How that may reflect from anyone will obviously differ
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    There Is No Such Thing as A Future The Antichrist.

    Do you believe we must believe people will burn alive forever or we ourselves will not be saved?
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    Nation shall rise against Nation

    Brilliant deduction. We actually agree on this count Jesus was pretty clear and open about the location of devils. Their location is IN MANKIND We'd have to be asleep to miss that message There is a world that Jesus saw, in the Spiritual realms, that Paul sometimes saw, that John saw, that...
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    if 98% go to hell . and 2% go to heaven.... maybe God should re think his strategy ?

    I think the margins are even lower in come circles, like .001% saved I laughed at a believing friend of mine many years ago when he jokingly said he could prove from the Bible that he was the only one that was going to be saved It's funny that within many believers is a condemner, lying in...
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    There Is No Such Thing as A Future The Antichrist.

    People would do well to read Rev. 5:13 before jumping to crazy end time conclusions: "And every creature which is in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, heard I saying, Blessing, and honour, and glory, and power, be unto him that...
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    The Meat Of The Word

    Was going to post this earlier, and since Jaybo brought this up, thought some might enjoy the exercise, knowing that we "live" by every word of God, Matt. 4:4, Luke 4:4 These make for very interesting contemplation, imho: Luke 17:10 So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things...
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    The Meat Of The Word

    Didn't say you had condemnation. The mini lesson here is that if we are capable of acknowledging that temptations of the tempter transpire in our own minds, then scriptural condemnation IS OUR ALLY, against our adversary. Mark 4:15 is real. As are Jesus' statements in Matt. 4:4 and Luke 4:4...
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    The Day of The Lord is In Rev. 6, Not in Rev. 14-16.

    I might suggest it's even sooner, as observed in Rev. 5:13 What's read from that point on is largely about the final destruction of the devil and his messengers, mostly observed from the Spiritual arena
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    The Meat Of The Word

    Several points of note. God really does hate the natural carnal spiritually blinded first man, the unsaved. And God loves the children of promise. The called and chosen so to speak. Nevertheless one of the reasons God loves the born again is that they "tell the truth" Jacob for example...
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    The Meat Of The Word

    So some people would like to read it as, but it is clear that Paul used present tense terms, such as "evil is present with me" not "evil used to be present with me" etc etc When you discern the person and the tempter are in fact together in this present life, the condemnation portion will...
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    The Meat Of The Word

    You know full well by now that mankind is not the problem, Satan is. Let's not deter and defer from the root cause and blame the captives. A point Calvin himself shot right past, and missed the mark
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    Two Witnesses

    As a decades long aficionado of eschatology, I've read many an account that there will be a couple people standing in the street of Jerusalem shooting fire out of their mouths and killing people. IS this going to happen? Uh, no. That is entirely fantasy. Ridiculously so. It belongs in comic...
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    Is the Law of God dead? And if yes, how?

    Ah, so you're going back to the "I'm only tempted externally" but never in thought form by the tempter? And as such you remain sinless without ever an evil lawless defiling thought?
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    Is the Law of God dead? And if yes, how?

    We can keep repeating the lesson and see what happens IF we have internal temptation thoughts via the tempter, "WHO" then is entirely condemned by God in Christ? The existence of devils in mankind is a well established fact of scripture Yet the people of Israel didn't get the picture, and...
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    The Meat Of The Word

    I'll make the same statement that Paul did, in Romans 7:21
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    Can We Obey God and also Vote for a Woman?

    Satan in almost predictable fashions i.e. in the flesh world, always has a phony standard being raised, and that has never been more obvious than the gender neutral, no borders postures being put out by some worldly governments today, particularly here in the U.S. But you see, God's Word was on...
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    Is the Law of God dead? And if yes, how?

    First of all, no one here has asked me who is teaching me this stuff, but in response, I would believe nothing unless I see it in writing, in the scriptures. I make my living in contract law and am very very fond of the "fine print" and applies multiple fold to the scriptures. Well, you know...
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    Is the Law of God dead? And if yes, how?

    Do you think the Spirit of the letter exemplified in Romans 13:8-10 is not required of us? Think again. It's the only thing that matters, not only in the now, but in eternity, forever. God did not free anyone in this present life from temptations of the tempter that transpire internally. You...