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  1. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Concerned

    True. It is confusing. I just got back to my place. Some neighbor was getting out of her vehicle. She slammed the door hard. She’s yelled junk at me before and I don’t know her, so this is another fun experience lol 😆. Ugh. Blessed and labeled I guess?
  2. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Concerned

    Thanks 🙏 It’s unnerving to put it mildly. I seem to be a somewhat well known pariah despite keeping a low profile. My parents seem to have their own set of enemies despite being excellent employees and good citizens. Real world I guess?
  3. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Concerned

    The mind games continue. People are saying that my family is not permitted to help me and that I am not allowed to live here and that I have felonies and…. On and on. I actually only have a serious misdemeanor on my record. I’ve been off probation for nearly 5 years now. And… I just don’t...
  4. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Gratitude again

    I am being made more grateful by His grace. I am thankful. I think 🤔 being made healthy is part of this. For a while I was obviously sick to the point of no return. The Lord spared me and then I was patched up. Now I am genuinely healthy which is definitely an act of God on my behalf. And… I...
  5. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Revving up

    Maybe it’s my prayers to be free of psychobabble being answered… So called schizophrenia is not the issue. I wonder if schizophrenia is just a label that my parents used to justify reconciliation and the rest of my community seems intent on using against me… But it’s just another lie applied...
  6. Christ_empowered

    Psychology - A Warning

    Psychological treatments have a high failure rate. It is pseudoscience. The patients walk away with their minds filled with heady high minded worldly wisdom and very little in terms of benefits. Insurance companies and even governments often have to pay for this and the mental health industry...
  7. Christ_empowered

    Addy's Attic

    The girl dog is chihuahua. Short hair kind of a golden color. The boy dog is mutt…sort of a 7 pound all American mutt I guess lol.
  8. Christ_empowered

    Psychology - A Warning

    I don’t think psychology and Christianity are compatible. Attempts at blending them seem to result in a lot of psychological junk with a thin Christian facade.
  9. Christ_empowered

    Psychology - A Warning

    I dunno. I am labeled as schizophrenic. I think I had a difficult life and Jesus Christ recently brought deliverance. I have been saved for nearly 9 years now. Thing is… The label seems to be more for others than for me. The only reason my life with the label is good is Jesus. Parents very...
  10. Christ_empowered

    Psychology - A Warning

    Not a fan of psychology or psychiatry. Neither seem to do much except reinforce the social order at the expense of the masses. Sociology strikes me as potentially useful but overrun by people pushing ideology as fact.
  11. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Not sick but human

    Not to be too emo but…. I don’t think I am permanently and forever sick with some mental affliction. Is anyone? I dunno. Thing is… I am human and often lonely and also a pariah. My situation is vastly improved vs what came before and I got think much better than many other labeled human...
  12. Christ_empowered

    I need other Christians help

    Hi 👋 Benzodiazepines are sneaky things. Some people can take them as needed forever and ever no problems. A substantial percentage of people who consume them for longer than 4 weeks or so have problems associated with sedative use and not just difficulty tapering.cognitive problems mood...
  13. Christ_empowered

    I need other Christians help

    Just random thoughts…. High dose vitamin supplements have helped me a good bit. I need less psych stuff and I experience fewer adverse effects. Short term sedatives can be helpful especially when stopping drinking but long term use is often problematic. My own experience with dependence on...
  14. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Revving up

    I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. Ok ✅ The snark and mind games continue and… I’m now thinking so what? Just the one serious misdemeanor on my record. Parents are good to me and I have my own place and vehicle and I’m healthy and… Problems? I could do without...
  15. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Revving up

    Thanks 🙏 Deal is I’m getting better at life thanks to Jesus Christ. That includes handling this junk. It’s just so…creepy mind game junk and it’s people I don’t know. What gives? But then again… I have to do my own life in Christ regardless of the mind games. 😎
  16. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Revving up

    I may still have a serious misdemeanor on my record. Not at all complaining especially since it started as a mid level felony carrying 15 years. Ugh. I ended up with a suspended sentence did 3 years of probation. I successfully completed probation nearly 5 years ago. Ok ✅ Getting that out of...
  17. Christ_empowered


    Hi 👋 I hope you enjoy your time here.
  18. Christ_empowered

    [__ Praise __] Thread of Thankfuls

    Thankful for The Lord’s work in my life. Forgiveness followed by real change. My parents. America 🇺🇸 and the hope for a better America 🇺🇸. My place and the diy security system. My vehicle 🚗. Spirit of power love and a sound mind. Surprisingly good health. 😇
  19. Christ_empowered

    Pray for Life: Supreme Court Ruling

    Churches can do charity. Good idea. I think the government should expand the safety net so it catches more people.