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  1. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Concerned

    The mind games continue. People are saying that my family is not permitted to help me and that I am not allowed to live here and that I have felonies and…. On and on. I actually only have a serious misdemeanor on my record. I’ve been off probation for nearly 5 years now. And… I just don’t...
  2. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Gratitude again

    I am being made more grateful by His grace. I am thankful. I think 🤔 being made healthy is part of this. For a while I was obviously sick to the point of no return. The Lord spared me and then I was patched up. Now I am genuinely healthy which is definitely an act of God on my behalf. And… I...
  3. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Not sick but human

    Not to be too emo but…. I don’t think I am permanently and forever sick with some mental affliction. Is anyone? I dunno. Thing is… I am human and often lonely and also a pariah. My situation is vastly improved vs what came before and I got think much better than many other labeled human...
  4. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Revving up

    I may still have a serious misdemeanor on my record. Not at all complaining especially since it started as a mid level felony carrying 15 years. Ugh. I ended up with a suspended sentence did 3 years of probation. I successfully completed probation nearly 5 years ago. Ok ✅ Getting that out of...
  5. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Messing with my electricity?

    I am a pariah. Jesus is kind. I have been saved for nearly 9 years now. I live in a modest but surprisingly nice apartment/condo owned by family. I have severe mental illness but I’m in treatment and fairly high functioning. Lots of rain today. Power went out suddenly then came back maybe 1...
  6. Christ_empowered

    [__ Praise __] Miracle?

    I dunno. I mean I’m thankful for God’s work in my life…. I’m just trying to be careful with the term miracle. Striving for precise word choice I suppose. Moving on… I’m no longer ugly or homely or patched up from what came before. My mind is sharp and clear and I seem to be healthy and have...
  7. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Intensifying

    The taunting. It’s not hallucinations or anything like that. Awakened at 3 am then again around 9 after I’d managed to get some sleep. I don’t get it. Even the 1 neighbor in my building who would chat me up keeps his distance. The newest neighbor makes it a point to stand on his front porch...
  8. Christ_empowered

    [__ Praise __] Former lost sheep

    Trying to stop the trauma drama loops. Truth? Jesus Christ has moved mightily in my life. I think it’s part of why I am a permanent outcast. Not the way the world works apparently. Praise God for His mercy!
  9. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Play the hand…

    Play the hand you’re dealt. A wise former poster would tell me that and now…. At 37 I think I can receive it at long last. I have a modest but surprisingly comfortable life as a schizophrenic from a good family. That’s the nicest label given to me in this community. I apparently have plenty of...
  10. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Healed? Pushback….

    So at 37 I am healthy and smart and reconciled to my wonderful parents and…. It’s all Jesus Christ in action of course. Maybe pushback is inevitable? Please pray for my parents and me. I definitely pray for what I need to bear up under it all. Thanks.
  11. Christ_empowered

    [__ Praise __] So…no longer homely

    Me yet again. Lol 😆 Jesus has blessed me with…not being homely. I also apparently look younger than my age, which is actually something of a miracle for a dude who had crows feet at 19. It’s sinking in. God is Love. 😎
  12. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Apologizing

    I post here often. It’s been incredibly difficult to put aside what is behind and press forward.. Not only because of me and my own sin patterns but also because of the constant bullying and intimidation. Ugh. I have been spared so much and brought out of darkness by Jesus Christ. I am...
  13. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Hatred towards family and me

    Ugh. I think I get it now. The Lord is moving in our lives. The whole family has been targeted for destruction for any number of reasons by any number of people. They are the only people who love and protect me here on earth. Ugh. Please pray for us. Thank you.
  14. Christ_empowered

    [__ Praise __] Coming together

    God is making things come together for my parents and for me. I thank Him for it.
  15. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] The Lord's protection, please :-)

    always, but especially now, it seems. for my parents and for me, too. thank you all. :-)
  16. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] re-dedicated to Jesus

    yes, yes; me, yet again. :-) The Lord has been moving in my life a good bit, lately. I'm healthy, I'm surprisingly normal, I'm a good enough human being to be close to my (loving, long suffering) parents, and... I kinda came to the end of my own failed attempts to "do" Christianity, I think...
  17. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] rumor mill, etc. :-(

    yes, yes; me, yet again. ugh. on the plus side, I went out on a little trip with mama today. I don't...know, honestly, what to make of the situation. my parents are -good to me- and they certainly do not have to be. I praise The Lord for His Love and mercy! I guess because I was with my...
  18. Christ_empowered

    The Catholic Church.

    The Catholic Church and the Pentecostals seem to be the last 2 large Christian groups I can think of who truly believe in miracles. I found myself distancing myself from the Pentecostal belief system once it dawned on me that many of them call any and every good thing a "miracle." I thought it...
  19. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] ugh. spiritual oppression, yet again :-(

    I went into a convenience store I don't usually go into (decent enough, safe enough, small-ish chain, etc.), and... wow. wow. I don't really know...what, exactly, is going on around me, I got in, got my goods, paid, got out and all, but... its just getting intense, that's all...
  20. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] "we're not putting up with him!"

    ok. I'll soon be 37. long time pariah. committed all kinds of sins and such before Jesus saved (is saving, will save) me. I became genuinely saved a bit over 8 years ago. I'm also labeled as "Schizophrenic," and...yeah. long, long backstory. OK. So, I moved to my hometown area about 10 years...