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  1. jasonc

    Photographs The imperial motel

    I was the only motel for blacks ,even my sign will be returned .my story won't be forgotten !
  2. jasonc

    Photographs i am the trinity church

    i am the trinity church, i am the oldest church on royal palm blvd, i remember and see the golf course that is older then me. where i am there was a few old homes. i am in the diesel plant in a very old photo, i am in the condo on the beach, a woman never tells her age but i remember the...
  3. jasonc

    Photographs armstice day

    remember the fallen.. on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month .. all is quiet on the western front
  4. jasonc

    Photographs i remember who lived here

    i am an old house with a carriage house once i was dwelt by the first lady of the city which i am found in i am tied to a bridge and the chamber of commerce i am a quick reminder to those that remember alma lee as i exude her persona i was once her father's house in me once lie very old history...
  5. jasonc


    an old member and moderator has passed away JLB stovebolts
  6. jasonc

    Photographs old and art deco

    we are old we are not like we were we were forgotten we are now remembered,though one of us isn't treated as it should by his owner the blue one was left empty for some time and now is now a garden of Esther the mural is painted by an artist who has done many a mural.
  7. jasonc

    Photographs it is rememered

    I attended the market dedication ,I had to hear their story .names and families I heard and read about . the proud Korean war vets ,one standing ,and the other speaking were principals of schools I later attended ,both served the school board when I was a boy ,their philosophy influences many .
  8. jasonc

    Photographs First fish caught

    Where and what age did you catch your first fish .i was 8 or 9 and it was a mackeral Years ago with manatees .one could walk into this lot and fish where the old fish house(sockwell) was .there by the mound i cast my line
  9. jasonc

    decoration day

    I'm a descendent of confederate vets ,my dad being a civil war buff more then a ww2 buff though he loved that history made me at least know this war . I have focus on local history ,but gosh the civil war played a back drop to settlements I talk about these are sebestIan, eau gallie (original a...
  10. jasonc

    decorate your dead

    Lest they be forgotten
  11. jasonc


  12. jasonc

    Jason’s person rant thread about everything wrong with America

    in,another words learn the truth about the weimer republic and why national banks(reserve printed non,backed money is bad)but not actually learn from why Andrew Jackson hated the idea ,why hamilton loved it and do anything about it ? I learned it on,my own ,from here and reading up on the gold...
  13. jasonc

    Photographs our story

    Jethro Bodine while I did say I didn't know where both moody are buried ,I found out .in,the city cemetery ,Jr lost his uncle in ww1 .the legion is named for Felix poppel both dad to go troy moody Jr and Felix poppel were county tax collectors when their sons were killed
  14. jasonc


    I am the bridge named the a.b.Michel I overlook his homestead before me was a wooden sway bridge. my name sake drove over it to his packing house before moving to orchids a town he help found.he with his uncle sailed on a boat selling goods and delivering mail his uncle retired and started...
  15. jasonc

    Photographs i have a story to tell

    I am old I am one was left to rot I am one of 4 my owner named me and died 9 years later near me is much history i will tell secrets if you listen
  16. jasonc

    Photographs cardinal female

  17. jasonc

    Monica's calico

  18. jasonc

    Photographs chimney rock

    if you ever go there ,its worth it .much to post from,my time