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  1. jasonc

    The God Delusion

    You always can't it for free.
  2. jasonc

    The God Delusion

    Because you need to know what they say .and why. I was a jw ,my dad raised in the temple . If I want to visit Israel and reach my distant family .I shouldn't know Judaism and why I might need to wear at kippah? Paul quoted Socrates and other Greek philosophies in the book of acts
  3. jasonc

    Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

    Yet you approve of the monoclonal antibody treatment which actually isn't natural they use human t cells with a cancer mylomal cancer skill grown and used to make the antibodies . I don't have to wait two hours in a lab to be monitored for adverse reactions after a three shot injection with the...
  4. jasonc

    Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

    There is a problem when members of any church call out cancer survivors,copd or high risk group type as weak for taking the shot. Hello the meds for asthma and COPD don't cure it ,even can actually cause an attack
  5. jasonc

    Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

    I was raised in it .many believe you will die in perfect health .. I'm not anti pentacostals but see the problems with it.
  6. jasonc

    Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

    I must chime in,my dad died from dementia,starved to death because he had no desire to eat,didn't know who he is or where .less then two years. I believe God heals according to His will .no one is promised tomorrow.bit only eternal life of you believe .this healing is either by death or...
  7. jasonc

    local icon

    i am visible from the road and the river. I am where many rest, i am a reminder of those that believed shall rise again i see the sun and the moon and at night i am visible
  8. jasonc

    is there air in heaven

    Because he is ominpresent ,you didn't address that in revelation Jesus not the Father is seen as the seven eyed lamb with seven heads dead and at the throne simultaneously. Yet also existing all the time everywhere . You really don't get the idea of anthromorphism And the stars fought...
  9. jasonc

    is there air in heaven

    There wasn't heaven until God created it . You kinda ignore that .you also ignore that God doesn't actually have a body . There isn't a place he doesn't exist ,or occupy . Omnipresent implies that .
  10. jasonc

    is there air in heaven

    I guess we are to believe that God literally had sex and created Jesus his son .
  11. jasonc

    is there air in heaven

    Doesn't mean wie are ominopent,omniscient or ,omnipresent .you literally take that last book too literally . Is Jesus a man,the One on the Throne ,or the Seven eyed,seven headed lamb who lied dead before the throne,?
  12. jasonc

    Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

    I have a friend who owns property's on the three mentioned states .
  13. jasonc

    Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

    We have Floridians who gripe about desantis and any republican .surely if you feel that unsafe you can move to those lockdown states
  14. jasonc

    [__ Science __ ] Any marine biologists here?.

    Florida was never sunshine and a paradise .in fact you were likely to be killed by a shark or gator and bears,if you were on the beach. The deer were much bigger and the lagoon by me was much cleaner and had rapids .
  15. jasonc

    Still Waiting for Your Account to Be Activated?

    Spam and green eggs,lol
  16. jasonc

    Girlfriend Diagnosed With Covid

    I got the second shot and have a fever and chills and covid wasn't like that
  17. jasonc

    Females As Leaders/Pastors Of Males In Evangelical Churches.

    If it is permissible for woman to hold all offices. Kindly define what a man is and wife. Titus says if a man desires to be a bishop he must be apt to teach ,rule his house well,have one wife . Using ephasians and also Peter epistle the idea of the male headship is defined.
  18. jasonc

    Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

    They preach social justice but as soon as any cost they incur .they increase the price .
  19. jasonc

    Members That Go to Church... Do You...?

    No he didn't
  20. jasonc

    Still Waiting for Your Account to Be Activated?

    My tank can handle that ,lol