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  1. evenifigoalone

    sex is only for the creation of a child

    Hi saintman. Now I'm not interested in sex myself (I'm asexual), but it actually does have a purpose between a married couple besides only having a baby. It helps to bond them closer together. God created sex as a good thing. It is people who have made it dirty.
  2. evenifigoalone

    you dont get it well done you barely made it

    Is this what people are saying to you? If so, I'm sorry to hear that
  3. evenifigoalone

    new avatar :D

    I paid someone to make this one for me
  4. evenifigoalone

    Still new to this... here's a basic question

    Oh my gosh, I love your avatar!
  5. evenifigoalone

    Still new to this... here's a basic question

    Take a little time out of your day for fellowship, whether it be from this site or other means. Isolating yourself isn't healthy. Please take care of yourself :) I'm doing pretty good. I see my Dr tomorrow for follow up on my quarterly diabetes blood test, and also going to talk to him about...
  6. evenifigoalone

    testify that their work was evil. thats why they hate me

    Hey thesaintman you're asking some really good questions lately.
  7. evenifigoalone

    Happy New Year

    I am so burnt out from working a ton over the holidays. Gonna use my days off this week to rest and rest and rest and rest and.....
  8. evenifigoalone

    we gotta find a way to move on

    From what?
  9. evenifigoalone

    worship music suggestions for anxiety

    I added this one, too
  10. evenifigoalone

    Hi, I'm New

    Here's a link: It's under Christian Talk & Advice
  11. evenifigoalone

    worship music suggestions for anxiety

    I'm making a youtube playlist of "anti anxiety" worship music to listen to when I'm having heavy anxiety. Any suggestions for songs to add to it? Here it is so far:
  12. evenifigoalone

    Hi, I'm New

    Hi hi, just saw this. I hope you like it here, could be more active but the memberbase we do have is pretty lovely for the most part. I have threads in the mental health forum if you want to post there and talk about your day or vent. It's good to be able to share each other's burdens.
  13. evenifigoalone

    Am I in the right place?

    The mental health forum is members only if you wanna hide from prying eyes
  14. evenifigoalone

    Any Christians Believe In Extraterrestrial/Aliens?

    I know someone whose testimony involved meeting and getting abducted by "aliens" - they turned out to be demons in her case.
  15. evenifigoalone

    Any Christians Believe In Extraterrestrial/Aliens?

    Maybe they exist. Maybe not. I don't care that much.
  16. evenifigoalone

    Modern Christian Contemporary Music

    Oh, here's the one song I was thinking of when I wrote my first post. This song could be easily used as a worship song
  17. evenifigoalone

    Should An Adult Date A Minor?

    The thing is, they need to be at similar levels of maturity. I wouldn't approve of an 18 y/o with a 14 y/o But a 19 y/o with a 17 y/o would be much closer in development. Anyone older than like 20 with a 17 y/o though is probably not a good idea.
  18. evenifigoalone

    what music are we listening to?

    Norman here's one of Relient K's full albums, from 2004 It's one of my favorites out of their albums
  19. evenifigoalone

    Modern Christian Contemporary Music

    Old Relient K was pretty punk rock (though the first song is acoustic)
  20. evenifigoalone

    Modern Christian Contemporary Music

    I actually like some Hillsong and Jesus Culture songs. I think you can pick the good ones out from the bad and not support the churches behind them. Theology-wise, Disciple tends to be on point. They lean to a rock/metal style, though, so it's not for everyone. My favorite band, Relient K, has...