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    How do you identify the most genuine Christians in a church? Why, by the financial records, of course., especially if they're tithers. But is this a Biblical standard? Let's have some courteous responses, Gang!
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    [__ Praise __] Vacation Bible School

    Praise the Lord for a successful Vacation Bible School with 77 kids on the last day! Good behavior all week, and we had 12 kids in my van today. I am happy to see that some of my van kids have made friends with regular church kids, and they all get along well. "Behold, how good and how pleasant...
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    Windows 11

    "Phishing" involves attacking the weakest part of your security system: you. Phishing attacks often send official-looking forms and statements requiring you to sign in when you didn't have to sign in before. And one tech site warns that as new users get Windows 11, they might be tricked into...
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    Yamamoto! (Don't build one)

    In the very early days of personal computing, we often used TV sets for monitors. We considered the low-powered CPUs and RAM chips as powerful but expensive monsters. And a few people built Yamamotos. At a high cost, they bought the most powerful chip available and bought all the RAM it could...
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    BIOS for Dummies

    When you first turn on your computer, it activates the BIOS chip. This chip is independent of Windows. It has its own software program that turns on the hardware in your computer. After Windows is turned on, BIOS continues a few functions, such as controlling your cooling fans. BIOS is...
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    Windows 11

    Folks, I've been closely following the new Windows 11 operating system, and I've seen that a lot of emotions have clouded the issues. The simple truth is that Windows 11 is a massive upgrade to Windows 10 that will only work on new, powerful computers. Windows 10 will continue to work fine on...
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    New Computer

    My brand new, bottom of the line gaming computer runs great. But when I'm on the web I hear the hard drive grinding It only does it then. Any comments?
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    Rating the iPad 1

    Someone donated a working 2010 Apple iPad 1, so I got right on it. With 1\4 gigabyte of RAM and a single-core 32 bit Atom chip, this touchscreen device easily surfs the web and plays YouTube videos. Its 9 1\2 inch screen is bright and clear. You have to buy an Apple card to download games and...
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    Brand New Windows 8.1 Laptop

    We bought a cheap new laptop yesterday for half what it costs in the US. The price was reduced because it has Windows 8.1, and the free upgrade has expired. After the usual hassle getting rid of McAfee anti-virus, it runs well. But five of the ten people who walk their dogs at the lake every...
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    Learning to use the "Bash" command line

    Folks, "bash" is a command-line program in Linux. In early August, it will be introduced to Windows 10. I am struggling to learn how to use it, although (being a geek) it is interesting. If you don't know what I'm talking about, in your Linux program, find "Terminal." That will get you to the...
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    The Best OS Contest!

    WHICH IS THE BEST OPERATING SYSTEM? Introduction For weeks now, I have been enjoying Windows 10, Chrome, and Linux every day. And while I still have lot to learn, I can discuss which one is the best. Online “tests” of these operating systems show varied results, with accusations of “Foul!”...
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    The Friendly African Ground Squirrel

    On another computer, I'm upgrading Linux from "Wily Werewolf" to "Xenial Xerus" ("Friendly African Ground Squirrel"). It should take a few hours, and then we can discuss it on this thread. PS. I'm not the one who invents these names, okay?
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    Posting from Ubuntu Linux for the first time

    Bill Taylor will be proud of me. For about $16 US, I paid a computer shop to install Ubuntu on an 8 gig thumb drive. It is not difficult. During start-up, I had to press F11 (This will vary on different computers) to get the option to boot off a thumb drive. A tiny Ubuntu icon appeared, and...
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    Android Laptop?

    Designed for telephones, Android has grown successfully into the tablet business, which includes a lot of touchscreen games. And yes, an Android tablet can go onto the internet. But should you buy an Android laptop? Although Google owns Android (and Chrome) they have kept Android open-source...
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    ¿Should You Buy Your First Chromebook?

    I finally found my first Chromebook, made sure that I had a seven-day return guarantee, and got to work. When I plugged it in and turned it on, it asked me what language I wanted. Choosing English was easy. Unlike Windows, there is only one Chrome Operating System. Chromebooks cannot refuse...
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    Inexpensive Desktops

    Folks, I have posted my "Cheap Laptops" series on several forums, and it was well-received by small audiences everywhere. Some of that knowledge applies to desktops as well. If you want to play high-tech games or do high-tech video work, or if you insist on multi-tasking, this series is not for...
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    Deep, Dark WIndows 10 Secret

    Folks, I'm going to let you in on a deep dark secret about Windows 10 forums that few readers know: Most of their solutions don't work. Windows 10 is designed to be an upgrade to Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. In addition, some people have installed it on souped-up computers designed for Vista and even...
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    Conspiracy Theory?

    Folks, I don't go for conspiracy theories, but I have to admit that this is a good one. All over the web, people are complaining that they are being tricked or forced into upgrading to Windows 10. And, as is the case with every new Windows operating system, the home users are the pioneers in...
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    Is anyone using a Chromebook? The last I heard, Chromebooks were devices purchased by people who didn't know what they were doing. Recently, I was amazed to learn how popular these devices are. If most of your activity is online, Chromebooks actually give you a better value than Windows...
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    Leave Your BIOS Alone!

    Folks, we keep getting complaints on the forum I write for about how people change their BIOS and now nothing will work. When you first turn on your computer, the electricity has to flow. If it does, it turns on your BIOS chip. The Bios chip runs your welcome (splash) screen, which often has an...