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  1. Gazelle


    danrisk Garsujardo Intuitive change HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!
  2. Gazelle

    Free online Christmas music Provided by CBN. Enjoy
  3. Gazelle

    Two things to do to limit heart disease

    I heard a cardiologist say that if he could get people to change two things, they would cut their chance of heart disease by 300%. yeah, well, the 300% might have been a little lower :D... but what he said those two ways were is astounding... take vitamin D3 and don't eat wheat...
  4. Gazelle

    God, the fig tree and Israel

    These aren't the only references, for those wishing to nit pick. I found this article and wanted to share it, just so those who think that this idea of "Israel is the fig tree" is some brand new concept by off the wall Christians. I assure you, I am not off the wall in any way. I really...
  5. Gazelle

    afraid to watch lol

    The Dolphins might actually win a game
  6. Gazelle

    Bible Study Promises of God

    There are hundreds of promises found in the Bible, promises from/of God! We can take each one to our own self, and praise Him for His mercy. I think it's good to remember that we have a "God, who cannot lie" as our Benefactor. :heart Join me in my study to find and understand these promises...
  7. Gazelle

    The Ides of March

    I truly did not see the R rating on this one...but was focussed on seeing a movie that might be good at a time I could see it. :shrug It's R for the language. Atrocious. Otherwise (and this isn't good enough to go see it in spite of the language, but if the F bombs could be dropped, yes) it...
  8. Gazelle

    Pig tails for lights on a trailer

    I paid a guy to hook some pig tails up to my rear lights on my car so I could tow a small trailer. My hands and body just wouldn't work into the space... he did okay I think (haven't tested them doh!) but instead of pulling the trunk cover in the center where the latch is, he ran the wires on...
  9. Gazelle


    Since I joined here, I've become connected with a brand new company with organic foods.... in fact it's new and doesn't launch until November 1st. Jordan Rubin is the founder (he created Garden of Life brand nutrients and vitamins and all.) Well, God has used him to study why our foods...
  10. Gazelle

    [_ Old Earth _] Misplaced Hope in the Latest Model for the Origin of Life

    One More Crack in the Mirror: Misplaced Hope in the Latest Model for the Origin of Life By: Dr. Fazale ("Fuz") Rana Dear Dr , Many of us are told that compelling scientific evidence exists for the emergence of life from inanimate matter via...
  11. Gazelle


    GAME: SECULAR SAYINGS THAT HAVE BIBLICAL ROOTS This game might take a little forethought and effort, but I think it could be fun. [There are people who declare they want nothing of God, yet they use phrases that are based in Scripture. I find this a great way to begin a conversation that can...
  12. Gazelle

    Ramble on healthy food needs etc.

    I began replying in 3 different threads here, and each time realized I was going on about myself, so rather than highjack someone else's thread, I'll ramble here. :) I'm needing pure stuff. Even foods, I'm so allergic :( I'm going to go with the new Beyond Organic foods when they begin to...
  13. Gazelle

    [__ Prayer __] Thank you Lord, once again :)

    Thank you Father, Papa, for another intervention in my convoluted life. Thank you for having the opposition cancel my deposition. What a wonderful blessing this is to me, and I bless you for it. :praying Bless the Lord Oh my Soul! (and all that is within me) Bless His Holy Name!
  14. Gazelle

    BOOK STUDY: Great Doctrines of the Bible by William Evans D.D.

    The Great Doctrines of the Bible by William Evans, D.D. Moody Press 1912, 1939,1949, 1972. The Doctrine of God His taken for granted by the Scripture writers. It does not seem to have occurred to any of the writers of either the Old or New Testaments to attempt to prove...
  15. Gazelle

    Dolphin Tale

    I say go. Not only will you enjoy this tale, but you will be supporting some of the cleanest movies around, promoting the production of more. The word that was used so as to pull it out of the G rating into the PG (where more people would see it, increase revenue) . well, that word is all but...
  16. Gazelle


    Psalm 13:5 But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation.:heart Sleep tight. ;)
  17. Gazelle


    This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118: 24 KJV May your day be blessed! :heart
  18. Gazelle

    [ Testimony ] An emptiness only Christ could fill--- my testimony

    BEFORE I received eternal life there was an emptiness inside. As a child I went with my family to church every Sunday (and there were 8 of us!) At church I learned stories, songs, and verse about God's love and why Jesus came. But--there was still this emptiness inside--a void where I sensed...
  19. Gazelle

    How do :D

    :waving I'm here. Been at another website where the attacks on Christians became unbearable. I'm still a member there, but to give support to other Christians off the main forum board. I just need a place to rest and think for a while.