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    [__ Prayer __] A friend of mine has a prayer request.

    This is the exact post of a friend of mine form the Warrior Cat Forums. It's for her friend.
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    Does anyone besides me Die out when people argue?

    I Don't mean like...Die and go to the Lord. I mean like avoid the conversation. I tend to find it much more effencent to study on you-tube and throuh the Bible it's-self rather than Having a so-called discussion where everyone tries to Bicker and Dis-prove something they either think is false or...
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    [__ Prayer __] A report and another request.

    My Great aunt survived the explosion in Dallas a week or two ago. :-) But two days ago, I received a message form the holly spirit, saying, "Go on the forum of evil and bring back my lost sheep." I don't want to say the name of the forum he told me to go, nor do I want to the subject of the...
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    Ya know, we just can't seem to agree on the timing of the rapture.

    And I keep asking myself, why?
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    I'm kinda going on a fast

    Well, basically, I say kinda because that was the original intention, but I might actually make it a life style change. It,s kinda of a strange fast. Basically, I can not Eat any food except before the morning light, or after the evening dark.( Although If I wake up after the morning light, I...
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    [__ Prayer __] Please prey for my great aunt, her husband, and dallas.

    They are evacuating the city because of a fire at a chemical plant, and my great Aunt's husband is not doing so well. Please prey for them, and for the city.
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    There are a lot of questions I ask myself:::

    Like: Do Bacteria have souls? Does Lady Gaga really believe what she preaches or does she preach it to become popular? How many poll questions is the maximum amount a person can take? Is their life on other planets? Does physical matter become spiritual matter when it becomes trapped in a...
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    Anyone want to check out my site?

    It's located at Home - I must duscuss things. Feel free to check it out. Basically it's what's known as a junk forum, but don't be fooled. It has several different main topics, such as religion and video games.
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    How much is too much questions for a poll?

    On another site, I recently made a 200 question poll. I was wondering, what are your thought on a poll that big and how many questions do you think are to many for a poll?
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    [__ Prayer __] Japain still is in need of prayer.

    I was watching the news and I heard that there is a Typhoon headed toward Tokyo, and the failed and damaged nuclear reactors are also in the path of the Typhoon. I didn't get the current strength of the Typhoon, but it is headed toward Japan as we type.
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    Solar Gamunis

    I really don't know if this goes in tech talk or in videos games, but this is a concept I created. It is a portable handheld game system called the Solar Gamunis. Now while this is a relitivly old concept, there are a few major that seporate the Gamunis form other game systems. 1. The solar...
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    Birth control failure.

    It's usally a good policy in order to pervent unwantes pregnancys... Untill the manufature company mixes up the labels, which means that people are not getting the protection promised. This actually hapened very recently, according to my local news station. It's rare, but it can cause problems...
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    [__ Prayer __] Pray for Van Buren, Arkansas.

    The court house in Van Buren, Arkansas, was attacked just 15 minuets ago. Appertnly, there was a shooting, which resulted in two people getting shot, and one police officer being sent to a local hospitle for treatment. These shootings are relitivly rare in this area, and especually in...
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    Warriors, by Erin Hunter, and it's troubling decline into the supernatrual.

    Well, I use to be a big fan of The book series called Warriors. Warriors is a book series about cats who live in clans, hunt for their elders, nursing queens, and any cat that cannot hunt for themselves. The cats have a leader, which is granted nine live by their warrior ansesters, which is a...
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    What we should be doing in concern to the Rapture.

    Well, many of us either beleive in a pre-tribulation or a post-tribulation rapture. Now I've tried to understand all the sides of the issue, and all the arguing is persononally giving me a migrane. (And I've been studying this subject for at least four months in detail, about two years in...
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    I'm not sure if this has been asked, but I have a question about the rapture?

    I was wondering if there was just going to be one rapture either at the beginning of the tribulation or at the end of the great tribulation, or if there are going to be two raptures, one at the beginning of the tribulation peroid and one at the end of the great tribulation.
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    I guess I'm what you'd call a new member. Anyways, I'm excited to have found a Christain forum.