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  1. evenifigoalone

    learning disabilities

    So I'm discovering that I most likely have a form of dyslexia known as dyscalculia - basically I'm dyslexic with numbers. It would explain sooo much of my childhood such as being kicked from 1st grade back down to Kindergarten due to troubles grasping addition and subtraction, and later on being...
  2. evenifigoalone

    against the voices

    'Cause everybody knows That the hardest war to fight Is the fight to be yourself When the voices try to turn you into someone else What are the things you hear, maybe from within, maybe from without, that discourage you from doing what you're meant to do? How can we choose to ignore the voices...
  3. evenifigoalone

    up to 3 songs you associate w/ your testimony

    What the title says. Are there songs that maybe had a part in your testimony? Or are there songs that fit it? Here's mine: 1. Pieces by Red I've come undone But you make sense of who I am Like puzzle pieces in your eye I went through a lengthy period of extreme depression ages 16 through 18...
  4. evenifigoalone

    the Catholic Bible

    Where would one obtain one? I know there's some books that aren't in the Protestant Bibles but are in the Catholic Bible..... why is that?
  5. evenifigoalone

    "how come you never talk about theology"

    So I don't believe I owe anyone an explanation, but I guess I want to attempt one anyways. It has been said that "all ever talk about" is LGBTQ topics and mental illness. This isn't intentional. But as someone who is the "L" in LGBTQ, and who is mentally ill, issues related to that do affect...
  6. evenifigoalone

    [__ Prayer __] my original testimony, circa 2008

    Since people been asking me about my testimony..... here is what I wrote 12 years ago, almost to the day, about the night that I discovered God I am Cookie and Treader's human. I am 14 years old, my name is...
  7. evenifigoalone

    Hobbies personal art

  8. evenifigoalone

    the rapture???

    "Then if anyone tells you, 'Look, here is the Messiah,' or 'There he is,' don't believe it. For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform great signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God's chosen ones. See, I have warned you about this ahead of time. "So if...
  9. evenifigoalone

    weakness as strength

    Was blessed by the sermon at church today. It was about how our infirmaries can bring glory to God. The passage about Paul's thorn in the flesh was brought up. Interestingly, the Greek word can actually mean something like being pierced with a stake, not just a thorn. (The meaning is broad, but...
  10. evenifigoalone

    sitting under a tree

    I used to sit under the oak tree in my yard a lot in my late teens. I found it helped me deal with depression and other hard feelings. Something about it just so..... relaxing? Freeing? Uplifting? You feel like you're worlds away from all your problems, and it's just you and nature and God and...
  11. evenifigoalone

    what songs do you relate to?

    For me there's a lot, but here's one:
  12. evenifigoalone

    GERD (acid reflux) freakin sucks

    Last year I began waking up in the middle of the night gasping for breath, and sometimes vomiting. Dr said it's acid reflux. Got prescription strength Omeprazole. Fewer episodes. Only got them when I forgot to take the meds for a few days. Except it seems now that I'm starting to get episodes...
  13. evenifigoalone

    starting a new med in the morning

    Strattera - a non-stimulant medication approved to treat ADHD. I hear it has a few pretty big side effects. I generally don't get too many side effects, so hopefully I'll have a smooth start on this one. I'm onnn 9 medications now, including this new one. Mostly for diabetes and related health...
  14. evenifigoalone

    [__ Praise __] got a promotion at work

    I now have greater responsibility. Please pray for God to grant me wisdom as I carry out my newfound duties.
  15. evenifigoalone

    what music are you listening to?

    I couldn't find the old one, seems to be buried. Here's what I'm listening to: It's a song about having a relationship with God
  16. evenifigoalone

    wanting to learn more about Catholicism

    So honestly, the more I learn about Catholicism from my Catholic friends, the more I almost want to convert. But I want to learn all about it before I consider that possibility. I was told I could take some RCIA classes, but I don't have a car or someone to take me there, so I don't know when...
  17. evenifigoalone

    any other liberal-leaning and/or centrist Christians?

    I hold views from both the political liberal and political conservative camps - for instance I am prolife and pro-gun. But I'm also supportive of gay marriage (legally not morally), and am in favor of government welfare and the like. I consider myself a liberal-leaning centrist. (Theologically I...
  18. evenifigoalone

    new avatar :D

    I paid someone to make this one for me
  19. evenifigoalone

    worship music suggestions for anxiety

    I'm making a youtube playlist of "anti anxiety" worship music to listen to when I'm having heavy anxiety. Any suggestions for songs to add to it? Here it is so far: