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  1. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Covid Vaccine has killed hundreds of thousands in US and more everyday.

    Actually, that's been around for some time. There's even an association for the disorder. Welcome to the SADS Foundation Established on December 12, 1991...
  2. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Covid Vaccine has killed hundreds of thousands in US and more everyday.

    Do you have any data on deaths actually determined to be from the vaccine? (links to VAERS, which lists auto accidents, suicides, and becoming the Incredible Hulk as causes by COVID-19 vaccinations) Anyone can report an adverse event to VAERS... VAERS is a passive reporting system, meaning it...
  3. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Vaccine Deaths are accelerating. — ALARMING CONTENT!

    It's there on the net for anyone who wants to find it. It's not hard to debunk the faked stories.
  4. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Covid Vaccine has killed hundreds of thousands in US and more everyday.

    But there's no supporting data? Let's take a look and see... According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 4,434 deaths around the time of vaccination with Covid-19 vaccines were reported to VAERS between 14 December 2020 to 10 May 2021. During this period, over 259 million doses of...
  5. Barbarian

    An Atheist, a Muslim, and a Jew are standing on a frozen lake and not talking to each other. I think I'll go over there and break the ice.

    Groucho and Harpo Marx Henny Youngman John Stewart Curly Howard Shemp Howard George Burns Phil Silvers (long,long list)
  6. Barbarian

    Yes, you can take down a tree that way. But...

    I was visiting a friend and he mentioned that something odd happened across the alley that week. One day, he heard chopping sounds and noticed his neighbor trying to take down a tree behind his fence with a hatchet. Apparently he gave up on that, and thought of a faster way... If it wasn't...
  7. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Covid Vaccine - Proof of Blood Clots and more

    And so far, no one has died of blood clots caused by vaccines, but plenty of people hospitalized with COVID infections have died from those clots. New York's Mount Sinai hospital reports that several patients under age 50 have suffered from COVID-19-associated strokes from blood clots. Other...
  8. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Vaccine Deaths are accelerating. — ALARMING CONTENT!

    From PubMed: How frequent are acute reactions to COVID-19 vaccination and who is at risk? We recruited 6,966 volunteers who completed their full course of vaccination (median age 48 years, IQR 35.0-62.0; 83.6% female): Pfizer 3,486; Moderna 2,857; J&J 623. Few (3.1%) sought medical care...
  9. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Covid Vaccine - Proof of Blood Clots and more

    The data are very clear. The threat of blood clots from COVID-19 infection is many times greater than the threat of blood clots in vaccinated people. It seems insane to try to avoid a hazard by choosing a course of action that increases the hazard. The likelihood of developing TTS after...
  10. Barbarian

    Sous vide

    The neat thing about sous vide is that you set it for the degree of doneness, and it stays that way. You do have to sear the meat to get a nice char on it, but that's quick and easy. Over a day's time, the collagen in the meat goes to gelatin, making even tough cuts very tender. You can get...
  11. Barbarian

    Sous vide

    Finally got around to trying my sous vide cooker. It uses a water bath heated by a unit at a very constant temp. I tried a chuck roast, sealed it in plastic freezer bag and put it in the water at 57 degrees C. (about 135 F), And 24 hours later, it was super tender and medium rare...
  12. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Can Statistics Tell Us Whether Dinosaurs Had Feathers?

    Edit to last post: Obviously wings on insects and birds are analogous (look similar) but are not homologous (derived from the same structures). Insect wings are homologous with gills seen on primitive arthropods. And yes, there is a transitional form similar to those seen in stoneflies...
  13. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Covid Vaccine - Proof of Blood Clots and more

    Not surprising, given the neurological symptoms found in many people recovering from even mild COVID-19 infections. As well as these respiratory symptoms, clinicians and researchers have also observed various neurological symptoms associated with COVID-19. Researchers have linked COVID-19 to...
  14. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Can Statistics Tell Us Whether Dinosaurs Had Feathers?

    Here's a particularly weird misconception from that article: That's one problem with "baraminology." And here's another: YE creationists, being generally ignorant of biology, often confuse analogy "looks the same" with homology "derived from the same structures." For example, wings on...
  15. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Can Statistics Tell Us Whether Dinosaurs Had Feathers?

    Since we have fossil evidence showing that dinosaurs have feathers, and since the last surviving dinosaurs have them today, it's a pretty sure thing.
  16. Barbarian

    New Law Coming From Congress

    It's a joke. A satire.
  17. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] A New Spin on the Bacterial Flagellum: Its Normal Niche and Displacement

    Type III secretion systems: the bacterial flagellum and the injectisome PMID: 26370933 Abstract The flagellum and the injectisome are two of the most complex and fascinating bacterial nanomachines. At their core, they share a...
  18. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Will Morality Evolve in 100,000 Years?

    God's rules of morality are always things that are good for us as humans. So we'd have to change significantly for morality to change much. In 100,000 years, maybe. But I note that the evidence suggests that prehistoric man had pretty much the same sorts of rules we do.
  19. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Will Crime Rates Go Up Because Roe v. Wade Was Overturned?

    Doesn't have to. The "Trump Bump" in crime rates is likely to go down regardless. Even with Trump, crime was only a fraction of what it was a few decades ago.
  20. Barbarian

    [__ Science __ ] Covid Vaccine - Proof of Blood Clots and more

    It is saving millions. So far, the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safer than most other vaccines. More than 390 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in the U.S., with 55.6% of Americans fully vaccinated. CDC spokesperson Martha Sharan said the FDA requires health care...