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  1. King Dan of Great the 1st

    The random thread

    A thread for anything random and off topic. I may as well start. So I was told I should wear the same clothes for 3 days without changing to acknowledge the homeless. I mean I already wear the same clothes for days on end sometimes anyhow im that lazy so it's not like it changes anything. I...
  2. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Any music artists here?

    Anyone know what I need to make a song on my own?. Like I can play the ryhtem on guitar and i want the ryhtem I play to repeat and then add a base line to it and a drum beat. What systems do people use to do that type of thing?. I got nothing but a acustic guitar so I cant do it. What do I...
  3. King Dan of Great the 1st


    6 days should work / labour and rest on the 7. It seems backwards because people are self serving 6 days a week and serve God 1 day a week at church. I think the scripture means people are supposed to serve God 6 days and everyone has a rest on the 7th with God.
  4. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Denied a mortage

    Why do some renters get denied a mortage when they have proven they can pay rent every week that's more expensive than a mortgage?. How are people suppose to get into there own house sold they expected to not only pay more each week than a mortgage would be but save a huge deposit at the same time.
  5. King Dan of Great the 1st


    Not only do people like food it's a essential item. Why is it there is enough food to feed the entire world yet people go hungry?. I mean, food prices have increased yet farmers have been dumping there produce, I mean it's not there fault if they under a contract and with supply/demand it's not...
  6. King Dan of Great the 1st

    [__ Science __ ] Any marine biologists here?.

    Lots of people have a cry when people catch and keep big fish. The argument is they are the "breeders". I think they more activists than scientists. I don't know the facts, statistics, and science behind it but I just go on common sense. For example if I keep one big fish that people have a...
  7. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Its December

    Tis the season to be jolly. Seasons greetings you amazing wonderful blessed beings.
  8. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Housing prices.

    Hows the housing market going where you all live? I think where im from in the last 12 months has grown around 25%. I guess they been pumping cheap money into the economy. Wealth distribution thats changing the nature of generations to come. Good luck to those wanting to ever own there own home.
  9. King Dan of Great the 1st


    Some people think dogs have 4 legs. I think they have 2 arms and 2 legs.
  10. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Hobbies Keeping busy.

    Its always good to keep busy and have a hobby its positive and good for the mind.
  11. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Hows everyone going?

    Well im just admiring my workmanship because im so good at it. Not worshipping just admiring.
  12. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Bible Study Tounges

    If people read the scripture its easy to analise it was the believing Jews and Gentiles mixing together in Jerusalem and praising the Lord together in many different languages.
  13. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Bible Study Understanding this verse

    Its a verse the church seems to hide from as it hardly ever if ever gets talked about, but i dont hide from anything Jesus said so lets discuss it. Basicaly Jesus said to a mulitude if they dont hate there own family and themselves they cannot be his diciple, and we know that would contradict...
  14. King Dan of Great the 1st

    New year

    So now we heading towards the new year, many people set goals, new year resolutions.
  15. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Bible Study Showing good works?

    Jesus said dont do your good works to be seen by others, but he did works in front of others and crowds. Is it more like its ok to do good works in front of others as long as its not in pride or to show off like your a really good person or something?. Like if someone donates they dont wave a...
  16. King Dan of Great the 1st

    To Jesus

    Happy Birthday
  17. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas. So what are you all gifting me this year?. Thank you Most High for sending yourself to save me from myself.
  18. King Dan of Great the 1st

    Double standards

    Double standards.
  19. King Dan of Great the 1st

    The Derailing thread. Part 3

    Why not.
  20. King Dan of Great the 1st

    The fun facts thread

    Random fun fact of the day. Arizona has a town called Snowflake. :biggrin2 You can also share a random fun fact. General knowledge. We may all learn something new.