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  1. netchaplain

    Exotic Here—At Home There

    There is nothing greater than for one being used by the Father in all that He has him to do! His care for us causes us to “desire and do His good pleasure” (Phl 2:13), which keeps us from ever again desiring the way of sin and condemnation. He knows what the exact amount of difficulty we can...
  2. netchaplain

    The Covenant of Redemption

    Is the Covenant of Redemption a thing! Yes, and God is a bit mysterious concerning this one, for it is the one that is for those, whom, created after His image, are also after His “good pleasure” (Phl 2:13). These are they who are more precious to God than the angels; for man is the sole being...
  3. netchaplain

    Death’s Deliverance

    It has been well said that “the lost need saved, and the saved need delivered;” that is, from our trials! Also that, “the Blood procures pardon from sin; and the Cross procures power over sin.” The power over sin involves the restraint of “the old man” by remaining “crucified” (“is crucified”...
  4. netchaplain

    The Trinity

    The purpose of New Testament is to identify the Lord Jesus as the Son of God (because that’s His primary administration for salvation). Though the Three are equal in Deity, power and essence, They are in an order of authority (Father, Son, Spirit - Jhn 10:29; 14:28; 1Co 11:3; 15:24); as the One...
  5. netchaplain

    The Three Covenants

    Note: This prologue is a theoretical hypotheses of Israel’s eschatology, and is what I think (and all the Plymouth Brethren) is probably truth; and let us be aware that regardless of what may be considered, it is not essential doctrine, same for any growth truth that has no effect on one’s...
  6. netchaplain

    Continual Continuity

    Believers are ever in fellowship with God via “desiring and doing His good pleasure” (Phl 2:13). They are saved by His grace, and manifest their love to Him by their obedience. The place where God has them is in a constant and unbroken state of holiness and acceptability in His Son, the Lord...
  7. netchaplain

    Unique Expectation

    Doubtless the Church is to reign over the earth, the bright witness of the Father’s love; for the world shall then know that He loves her as He loves His Son, both being displayed in the same glory (Jhn 17:22). How blessed the ministry of the Church in that day serving the gladsome earth...
  8. netchaplain

    Truth Be Told

    I see your point, but it's my take that they were just out of fellowship with God, but not out of union, as the care of God for them, and the sacrifices to Him demonstrated. Their sin was part of His plan for God to be in us, not just with us, and that's what Jesus brought! When God commanded...
  9. netchaplain

    Truth Be Told

    Yes, what they did broke fellowship with God, but not union with Him. God kept them in the same way He is keeping us--like paying Christ's sacrifice forward to Adam and Eve, as He took care of them with the first sacrifice which typified the Lord Jesus' sacrifice. It began with God making them...
  10. netchaplain

    Truth Be Told

    Hi Sis, and thanks for the reply! I see it that those who will be deceived are the false professors of faith, because "the elect" cannot ultimately be deceived (Mat 24:24). Christians are led by the Spirit to His Word; and at first we are immature, but will definitely grow in time in the truth...
  11. netchaplain

    Mortify the Mortal

    Just as from Adam the First, sin, condemnation and death came to all his race, so there comes, to those who trust the Last Adam, justification, righteousness and eternal life. What Adam did was reckoned to his posterity; so what our Lord Jesus did is reckoned to those who are in Him. What...
  12. netchaplain

    Truth Be Told

    Someone who would "take away from" the Word would be a hypocrite or apostate (one yet to be saved) and therefore not saved. Barnes: "Wherefore taking away the part of such, is only taking away that which they seemed to have." Luke 8:18: "Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to...
  13. netchaplain

    Truth Be Told

    Hi, and appreciate your comments! The Book of Life is the omniscience of God's foreknowledge of all who will be saved. Thus, it is merely assurance that the name will not be blotted out; kind of like saying, "it's not like I would bot out your name." There is no reasoning in thinking that God...
  14. netchaplain

    Truth Be Told

    All of the Scriptures that appear to teach that one can become unsaved, which word isn’t actually used, are just suppositions in order to express the impossibility of being saved more than once, enforcing the desire to be saved. If the statements were true, what sense would there be in God...
  15. netchaplain

    From Innocence to Holiness

    “The flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh.” That shows that the flesh is still there (Ro 7:17, 20—NC), and they are “contrary one to the other”; but the Spirit obtains the upper hand, “that you may not do the things you would” (Gal 5:17). As the Spirit acts, as the...
  16. netchaplain

    Foundation of Reckoning –Miles Stanford

    Reckoning on our life-union with the Lord Jesus Christ establishes us in the full assurance of salvation. On this foundation we are able to reckon on our eternal, unconditional security in Him. Until we are grounded in the truths of substitution and union, we are not prepared for the more...
  17. netchaplain

    Assurance of Justification

    Everything we have is founded on “position and “condition.” Our position in the Lord Jesus is who we are; our condition on the earth is what we are. Assurance of justification is established on our position in the Lord Jesus Christ, and is an imputation not an impartation. Our condition is that...
  18. netchaplain

    Suffering’s Solace

    It is lawful for the Father to do what He will with His own. Have we served Him only from selfish interest? Are we going to cling to Him only in the time of prosperity? Shall we not accept from His hand sorrow and suffering as well as joy? It is, alas, true that many of the children of God, in...
  19. netchaplain

    Ever in Residence

    To “abide” in the Lord Jesus is to trust (rest) in the work of His Cross by which He has permanently provided “propitiation” for the sins of the believer. This means every accusation from the opposition, esp. from the closest enemy—old self, should instantly default the believer to rest in the...
  20. netchaplain

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Since God uses all things for our good (which enables us to “bear all things” that occur in our life - 1Co 13:7), we can take everything as if from His hand, for there is nothing that transpires in our lives which He does not use for “good.” He even uses evil to show us what is good (“all...