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  1. Paul1965

    You may safely assume I'm sickened, disgusted and won't be accepting!

    I think it's safe to say I have seen just about enough of the depravity in this world. As some of my friends here know, I work as a freelance, bodybuilding and fitness writer. A substantial part of my work is researching and appraising various supplements in the field. I am often contacted to...
  2. Paul1965

    The this would be funny if it wasn't so serious pics thread :)

    As I'm always trying to see the lighter side of serious matters (with varying success), I really couldn't not share this.
  3. Paul1965

    A poem from the old me

    I wrote this when I was in a very dark place in my life, it's not really one of my better efforts,yet funnily enough got me invited to West Australian Poetry Week as an opening night performer. Opened my eyes to see Opened my mind to learn Opened my heart to love Opened my body to bleed Closed...
  4. Paul1965

    The kid readiness test :)

    So, do you think you're ready to have kids? Or maybe you're wondering if your kids or friends are? Check yourself or them with these 3 simple tests. The Grocery Store Test: First, borrow two small animals (goats or pigs work very well) Next, take them with you to the store. Always keep them in...
  5. Paul1965

    Jokes and Humour: The works of satan

    I bet you saw the title and thought, "oh no! Paul's lost it and is going on a rant that we shouldn't laugh" Nope, it's not that type of thread..instead I thought we could use a bit of humour to show satan for the evil loser he is. After all, various groups under satans guidance mock our Lord...
  6. Paul1965

    Happy International Women's Day!

    To all of my sisters in Christ a happy International Women's Day! I hope you are made to feel truly appreciated today and everyday as you so deserve. Blessings in his Holy name. PS:your break is now over, make me a sandwich please :hysterical I guess I'm in for it now aren't I.....
  7. Paul1965

    [__ Prayer __] Help please, I'm really struggling

    I'm not good at asking for help so if come come across as a blunt arrogant so n so, that's not my intention sorry. I'm struggling. Not in my faith or in my love for Christ. Just struggling with everything else. No focus, no sleep, pounding headaches, no energy, no will to bother trying. Some...
  8. Paul1965

    "Persecuted" New movie shows what may be just around the corner

    This sounds all too familiar and isn't just something of Holywood's imagination. Where we have minority or non-Christian groups protesting that the meaning of Christmas or anything to do with Christianity should be banned from our schools (Yes Australia has these troubles too) as it is offensive...
  9. Paul1965

    [ Testimony ] Asked and ANSWERED! Don't tell me the age of miracles is over!

    God has done so much to enrich my life already, I feel kind of greedy asking Him for His help again. However I was left with no choice 3 days ago. This will be a long post so please bear with me and if it goes outside forum guidelines, I ask that the moderators split it into two at an...
  10. Paul1965

    Not new, just returned

    Hi everyone. Just coming back after a way too long absence. Love the new look and am looking forward to catching up with old friends and making some new ones. Blessings in Christ our Lord
  11. Paul1965

    An Atheist in the woods

    AN ATHEIST IN THE WOODS An atheist was walking through the woods. 'What majestic trees!' 'What powerful rivers!' 'What beautiful animals!' He said to himself. As he was walking alongside the river, he heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. He turned to look. He saw a 7-foot...
  12. Paul1965

    The Joke that had to happen!

    What do you call a pope who resigns?
  13. Paul1965

    [__ Prayer __] Please pray for Thayanee and our baby

    Hi everyone. I'm not good at asking for a prayer but I need your help please. My wife Thayanee is 17 weeks pregnant with our first child after us trying to get pregnant for two years and God hearing and granting our prayers. Yesterday we visited the clinic for a routine check up and the urine...
  14. Paul1965

    A bargain dog for sale?

    A guy is driving around the back woods of Montana and he sees a sign in front of a broken down shanty-style house: 'Talking Dog For Sale 'He rings the bell and the owner appears and tells him the dog is in the backyard. The guy goes into the backyard and sees a nice looking Labrador...
  15. Paul1965

    A funny broadside to evolutionism

    If this is in the wrong section, can moderators please place it where it should be. Ok at first when I saw this I was struck by the humour of it.(still am actually) But then as I chortled away to myself, it dawned on me that this is probably one of the best visual arguments against evolution...
  16. Paul1965

    Free advertising for your business or hobbying products.

    Hello everyone. Here's a no strings offer to everyone at As some of you know, i recently started Glorify Fitness. A Christian based (not exclusively though) fitness blog. It's still in it's infancy but is gaining momentum with more and more views each day. I'm developing more...
  17. Paul1965

    Something for all of us to think about

    I love this. Not just because of the humour, but also because it rings true with a lot of God's children. A man was being tailgated by a stressed out woman on a busy street. Suddenly, the light turned yellow just in front of him. He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk. The...
  18. Paul1965

    Lawyers Huh?

    This was forwarded to me by my sister.I don't know if it's true or not,but it sure sounds like something the ambulance chasers back home would do.:shame BEST LAWYER/INSURANCE STORY OF THE YEAR, DECADE AND POSSIBLY THE CENTURY This took place...
  19. Paul1965

    My New Church.One word ...AWESOME

    Just thought I'd tell everyone about my truly Blessed Sunday today. I've been looking for a church ever since we moved to our village. On Thursday just gone, I woke up with a nagging feeling ( sorry to say nagging Lord, but you all know what I mean) that this was more important than going to...
  20. Paul1965

    At last some heartwarming news! (Randomact of kindness)

    With all the hatred, greed and self obsession we see on the news these days, I was over the moon to read this. The cop in the story is deserving of the highest accolades for this act of kindness toward his fellow man.:clap...