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  1. Christ_empowered


    Hi 👋
  2. Christ_empowered

    does marriage contracts exist in bible?

    Whoa there. My point was that Jesus wants people to stay married except in really bad situations. He was doing it in part to protect women and children.
  3. Christ_empowered

    Why We Need “Old People”

    I don’t have a problem with unions. The government needs to launch a new war on poverty….
  4. Christ_empowered

    does marriage contracts exist in bible?

    Marriage licenses are more modern. Back in the day…. There were generally incest rules to follow…families were generally involved so the states role was largely regulating marriage divorce etc. to protect property rights and deal with inner issues… Divorce in ancient cultures tended to be...
  5. Christ_empowered

    Why We Need “Old People”

    The poor get messed over by lotto more than the middle and upper classes. Here where I live the lotto scholarships tend to go to kids who had been in honors and AP classes. Those kids tend to be middle to upper class. True story
  6. Christ_empowered

    Why We Need “Old People”

    Lotto is harmless fun for people with resources. Poor people shouldn’t play and they seem to develop more problems with playing. I don’t get it honestly.
  7. Christ_empowered

    does marriage contracts exist in bible?

    My understanding was that the betrothal was a legal agreement that would require officials dissolution and that generally required grounds because of the financial arrangements. Plus… In some ancient cultures it seems men in particular could divorce their wives if they felt so inclined. Social...
  8. Christ_empowered

    Why We Need “Old People”

    The lotto money here funds scholarships.
  9. Christ_empowered

    Why We Need “Old People”

    Yeah…the lotto basically taxes poor people to send middle and upper class kids to college. Ugh 😑
  10. Christ_empowered

    Why We Need “Old People”

    Economists call people who abuse the system rent seekers. It’s not just poor people… Those famous tv people the Chrisley couple… Federal prison for 30 million in fraud. They went further than the other rich people I guess?
  11. Christ_empowered

    Why We Need “Old People”

    I think Christian approaches to the economy would help too. Workers need rights. A safety net is a good for society the economy and is morally superior to the no holds barred survival of the fittest approach that seems to be getting worse I. The USA and some other affluent developed nations are...
  12. Christ_empowered

    Why We Need “Old People”

    I think 🤔 a lot of the hatred of older people stems from the way families and communities have been hollowed and shredded. It’s all competition all the time.
  13. Christ_empowered

    [__ Prayer __] Please pray to God to completely heal me.

    I think sometimes healing not only requires prayer… It requires a certain person praying. Long story but an instructor in a class prayed for my own total and complete healing and… Part of it I think was his prayer and part of it was his honest prayer opening my eyes to the possibility of...
  14. Christ_empowered

    are you a child of God?

    I think… The very nature of faith in Jesus Christ can lead one to periods of despair. Add in the trouble we all face in this world and…yeah. He has overcome the world 🌎
  15. Christ_empowered

    Prosecuted for a hate crime instead of murder….scary

    I think hate crimes in this context mean there can be a federal case in top of the state case. To me that looks like double jeopardy but apparently it’s ok ✅ in limited circumstances. I dunno 🤷‍♂️ Premeditation is a big issue in serious criminal cases. Mental illness or mental defect as I...
  16. Christ_empowered

    Hate crimes?

    Never seen that happen here when it’s a civilian. A couple of cases of alleged police brutality seem to involve people with lengthy rap sheets and up and coming lawyers..,,
  17. Christ_empowered

    Hate crimes?

    Since I’m labeled as mentally ill can I get coverage? Maybe I fall under vulnerable adult?
  18. Christ_empowered

    God's Way of Escape from Sin.

    Good point about Hod at work in believers. Thanks 🙏
  19. Christ_empowered

    New Here - My Testimony.

    Hi 👋 welcome to cfnet