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  1. Paul1965


    Well by the headline, at least one resident wanted it......................... Yes it is out of the box and maybe sinful, but remember, sensual dance has been around a long time and has varying did cost Elijah his head after all.
  2. Paul1965

    happy birthday

    Prefer the 66 myself, but if someone was willing to donate to a 64, I think I could force myself to drive it :)
  3. Paul1965

    [ Testimony ] Only what God can do

    Hi KiouxS and welcome. "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me" Philippians 4:13 I will be praying that God through Jesus continues to strengthen and heal you. Blessings in His holy name.
  4. Paul1965

    The Lamborghini Revisited

    "sell all that you own and give the money to the poor" springs to mind. However, i'd be a hypocrite to say I have done that with what little we do own. But I do believe that living humbly doesn't involve driving a car that turns heads or inspires envy in the hearts of others, the same goes with...
  5. Paul1965

    The New Funny Pics Thread - Part 2

    I bet the red bull heir wishes he had wings (his passport back)
  6. Paul1965

    [__ Prayer __] my wife

    Praying for you and your family Jason
  7. Paul1965

    You may safely assume I'm sickened, disgusted and won't be accepting!

    I think it's safe to say I have seen just about enough of the depravity in this world. As some of my friends here know, I work as a freelance, bodybuilding and fitness writer. A substantial part of my work is researching and appraising various supplements in the field. I am often contacted to...
  8. Paul1965

    Disappointed with Teachers

    I actually feel empowered when a teacher or a person in a prominent position, has the guts to admit they were wrong. It shows that they are not only human and like, but by being honest about their mistakes, they lead by example teaching both honesty and humility.
  9. Paul1965

    An Atheist

    Hey Shep_ welcome.
  10. Paul1965

    The this would be funny if it wasn't so serious pics thread :)

    As I'm always trying to see the lighter side of serious matters (with varying success), I really couldn't not share this.
  11. Paul1965

    A poem from the old me

    She has good taste in literature Jason, nurture it :)
  12. Paul1965

    A poem from the old me

    Thanks Agua, but I way down from Mr Poe. What a talent.
  13. Paul1965

    A poem from the old me

    Ha, now that's twice in two days i've been called an Emo on here Claudya :eek Yep definitely the old me, still have some bad days now and then but not like I used to be. I've tried picking up the pen again for poetry, but now that life is a lot better (and a lot busier) can't get the feeling...
  14. Paul1965

    A poem from the old me

    I wrote this when I was in a very dark place in my life, it's not really one of my better efforts,yet funnily enough got me invited to West Australian Poetry Week as an opening night performer. Opened my eyes to see Opened my mind to learn Opened my heart to love Opened my body to bleed Closed...
  15. Paul1965

    dudes with highlights?

    Mark, I used to have a very long goatee, but it basically looked like i'd stapled a dead numbat to my face once the grey / white came into it came after ~20 years kid didn't recognize me ha
  16. Paul1965

    The kid readiness test :)

    So, do you think you're ready to have kids? Or maybe you're wondering if your kids or friends are? Check yourself or them with these 3 simple tests. The Grocery Store Test: First, borrow two small animals (goats or pigs work very well) Next, take them with you to the store. Always keep them in...