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  1. B

    [__ Science __ ] Is Muhammed the final 'The Seal of God'?

    I have made a petition Objection that Muhammed (Islamic prophet) is the final messenger of God. Please read for further information if this interests you. - Please share if you understand and want action! Thank you for your time! Suzelle
  2. Warrior8080

    My people I love you

    I mean this sincerely, I love you all my Christian brothers and sisters. Ever since I found Christianity my life has been nothing but Joy and Love. My heart is still healing from years of toxic atheism. I love you all very much. Remember Christianity is the way, peace be to you.
  3. Warrior8080

    Hello just a recap on where I have been and so forth...

    Hello again, I'm sure some of you remember me, I joined the forum roughly a year ago I think... I stopped posting for a while because foolishly I must admit, no worse than foolishly dangerously I did something which we all know we should not do. and I quote "Blessed is the man that walketh...
  4. Warrior8080

    [__ Prayer __] Please pray for my postal delivery worker

    I resolve to do no harm, and appreciate my postal worker as given by her majesty the queen of england.
  5. Warrior8080

    [__ Prayer __] Can you please pray for my sister

    Hello christian folk, as my prayer count is going up I would like to make a special request, that you pray for my sister Marah who is having a difficult time at work. She tries her hardest every day to make children smile, she is a teacher at a primary school.
  6. Warrior8080

    [__ Prayer __] I would like to make a prayer request for some friends of mine

    I would like to make a prayer request for Neil, that he do good. I would like to make a prayer request for Jitan, that he do good. I would like to make a prayer request for Gyan, that he live well. I would like to make a prayer request for Liam, the he be well.
  7. Warrior8080

    I'm here to do good

    I will lift up the spirits of mankind, and I promise to do only good by the way of the lord. I will make bread and remember God. I will thank Jesus Christ. I will honor my mother and father and sister. I will say grace every dinner. I will remain upright and religious.