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  1. grumix8

    Hobbies New music video , amazing lyrics it rocks.

  2. grumix8

    Hobbies New cartoon and truly amazing thing ;D.

    Were part of this universe ;D.
  3. grumix8

    Hobbies Finish another cartoon

    finished another cartoon here don't you own efforts in yourslef put them in God's hands his efforts. go and see ;D.
  4. R

    WARNING: Evil Lewd Anime Book aimed at children!

    Im so disgusted and appalled by this horrible person trying to trick parents into buying this 'art book' for thier children. It is full of sex, satanic and occult messages and symbols and advocates drug use! I felt compelled to join this forum and warn everyone. I hope someone in christian...
  5. grumix8

    Photographs My Hobby is making cartoons I finished my 1 episode of faith series.

    I have another series " The Law " and started this new one " The Faith Series " it explains all the secrets of the bible. Follow David and you will discover amazing secrets of the bible.
  6. grumix8

    Hobbies Well for A hobby I make cartoons so like to share tell me what you think.

    I have one here at this channel ;D. There christian cartoons ;D about the secrets of the bible.
  7. Run thru David's city

    Run thru David's city

    here is link of my video, I make cartoons about bible lessons. tell me what you think.
  8. David the modern day christian A look at david's city.

    David the modern day christian A look at david's city.

    I make cartoons and made series of "what serveth the law " and "what is faith hebrews chapter 11 " worked for it over an year now.
  9. craigdressler

    Anime/Manga & Graphic Bibles

    There are some great graphic and anime Bibles available. One of them is called the Action Bible and another is the Kingstone Bible. The anime Bible, published in Japan, has such titles as Manga Mutiny(Genesis) and Manga Messiah(Gospels). Here is the anime website link:
  10. craigdressler

    Walk In The Light Comic

    Attached you will find a comic entitled "Walk In The Light." Enjoy!!
  11. craigdressler

    Christian Teen Book

    The Christian teen book entitled Character Concert covers topics using cartoon-like drawings. Here is the book's website link for more information:
  12. craigdressler

    Bible Manga

    There is some great Bible manga available with such titles as Bible Manga. Here is the website link for more information: