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christian poetry

  1. I

    Growth Christian Liberty Poem

    Christian Liberty (Galatians 5) Of this I have total assurance: That from sin I have been set free, And as a result, I am called by Christ To stand fast in the liberty By which He has made me free. (v. 1) This liberty is not to be used For leisurely habits of sin; This liberty is...
  2. rhomphaeam

    If Pilgrim Walked A Thousand Leagues (A Poem)

    If Pilgrim walked a thousand leagues, o’er coals and shards of broken pain. If once to look the narrow way, with questioned hope and self restraint. If right and left were set before, and straight the way made good and clear. With ever thoughts of ease did labour on, refusing all the Cross to...
  3. rhomphaeam

    The Potters Clay (A Poem)

    I looked and saw the Potters’ clay. Conceived in all its worth and purpose. To comprehend such fine intent, was made. Behold in all that beauty measured true, The Workman did with skill to labour all. Its lovely hues and colours set to good. The outer garment bright, its form well hewn. Its...
  4. rhomphaeam

    To Rise on Eagles' Wings (A Poem)

    Accusation Before this cause did once besought my youth, Undoubted measure in measure full conceived. Betided truth of nothing left for gain or hope, Complete the fall that fall did make to press. Refrain Rise up my chosen child of hope rise up Rise up, and in thy supplication flee to Christ...
  5. rhomphaeam

    A Faithful Wait (A Poem)

    How great thy works O Lord made full, Though men with spirits born again and heeding not, Find sudden unexpected loss, laid low with grief. So much a perfect work restrains this carnal flesh, Imprisons all, though inward shines. If not the garment torn by willing cross to bear, If all its...
  6. rhomphaeam

    Obedience (A Poem)

    If thoughts of sweet content do flee! In men with certain flesh inclined, Those sins that Christ did once deny, Forsaking all the cross to bear. What ought my heart to Him now say? Lest once despising that great love, Be found in Him a cast away. Lord by all thy strength and good, Lay waste the...
  7. Sophia Lorena

    He said “I knew you would make it”

    A dark narrow hollow tunnel I walked alone The more I walked the more fearful it got I wished I had a lamp a candle a torch or someone alongside May be there were, many each engaged, in finding their own way out, so it seemed I stumbled Feared much Until a still little voice said ‘...