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  1. J

    Encouragement for the discouraged

    In our Christian walk, we can often become discouraged in our service for the Lord. We can often feel like going one step forward, two steps back. Perhaps the enemy has discouraged us in the Lord's service. My latest video (link below) is a short video to show that God cares, God provides...
  2. You are Worth Saving!.mp4

    You are Worth Saving!.mp4

    Brother Rando is in a worldwide effort to reach those who are suffering from depression and the anxieties of life. Share this Blog Post on your social media and save a life.
  3. S

    [__ Prayer __] Best Friend Struggling with Self-Harm, Hatred, Depression

    Hello everyone, if you could please pray for a best friend of mine who is struggling very much. She believes in God but doesn't truly know Him yet. I know that nothing I say or do can fix or take away her pain, only Jesus can, so I really appreciate everyone's prayers! She is open and seeking...
  4. BrotherAlan30

    Goodbye CFN , it was... Intense I should say

    Like I inboxed a friend: "I'm sick of people thinking I'm a joke around here. I've been through a whole lot, being a punchbag at school and home. As if the bullying at school wasn't enough so my parents would have fun taking their frustrations out on me and at 13 I got raped by a bully in...
  5. BrotherAlan30

    Why do people like me get picked on?

    It's always the bad people who win. I'm nothing but an outcast, an outsider, a 2nd class citizen because I'm mentally handicapped!! :sick I was reporting my neighbour to the police for harassment and the female officer was just as bad as her, putting words into my mouth, threatening to send...
  6. BrotherAlan30

    **contains depression trigger** Losing my religion

    I don't like the thought of saying it but then I don't like being dishonest. With all of the bad things that have happened around me, I'm slowly losing my faith but then I don't want to go to limbo or hell. This evening I fell out with my family, my family pretty much have disowned me because...
  7. BrotherAlan30

    [__ Prayer __] ⚠ Contains triggers ⚠ I need God's help to survive this

    Hello my brothers & sisters, Unfortunately things have gone from bad to worse :sick I try very hard with "Love Thy Neighbour" and "Hate the sin, love the sinner", it's been very difficult as the woman in the building next-door has been bullying me, dumping waste (aka "rubbish" or "trash")...
  8. BrotherAlan30

    ⚠ Depression Trigger ⚠ I feel suicidal

    Okay, a lot of you know several things about me but there's some things you don't know that struggle with that are so painful. I know God sees self-harm and suicide as a sin, believe me, I know and I feel terrible afterwards with my attempts. The mental health services where I live are no...
  9. LightHouse

    Please Pray for Me

    Hi, I'm new here and need help. I'm very, very depressed. I don't feel that I can pray because I've messed up terribly and am sure God won't hear my prayers so I'm asking that you pray for me. I don't want to go to church any more. Not only that I feel like such a hypocrite, but there is also a...
  10. GirlandTheWord

    Practical Tips For The Hurting Mind

    Each one of us goes through moments of stress and trauma from time to time—sometimes to the extreme. It is an inevitable part of the human experience. Fortunately, just because our brains are traumatized and our minds are wounded does not necessarily mean that our souls are sick as well. It...
  11. taylordactyl

    [ Testimony ] Breaking Free of Mental Illness and Finding God

    God is so good! I've had a rough past and struggle to share it with anyone but recently God has shown me how much power there is in my testimony. I started a youtube channel focusing on mental health and using my music to share my story but God really urged me to write my actual story. So, this...