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  1. rhomphaeam

    Psychology - A Warning

    Psychology – A Warning It is important to understand that generalised psychology as a broad subject of systematic enquiry has many roots which have produced a tree of great breadth and height. It has yielded fruits which are food to the natural mind, and is therefore able to make the natural...
  2. rhomphaeam

    A day in the life of a forum Zealot

    Fill in the blanks with your own words. And remember! No cussing! Shalom Rhomphaeam NBLC (Humour),
  3. rhomphaeam

    [__ Praise __] The Coptic Christian Church

    The subtitles will speak it all. Amen
  4. rhomphaeam

    [ Testimony ] In the day that I was saved.

    My witness of Christ (part one) Salvation came to me in a prison cell in Stafford Prison on the Crescent Wing on the 10th May 1984. I was serving a 30 month custodial sentence for theft of goods under the 1968 Theft Act. On that morning of the 10th May I was brought up from the Block -...
  5. rhomphaeam

    The Trichotomous and Dichotomous View

    eddif As promised the thread. Background It is essential to understand or else realise that the language of the New Testament is not English. It is Common Greek of the Hellenistic influence. When the Greeks began to assimilate the meaning and implications of the spirit, as distinct from the...
  6. rhomphaeam

    If Pilgrim Walked A Thousand Leagues (A Poem)

    If Pilgrim walked a thousand leagues, o’er coals and shards of broken pain. If once to look the narrow way, with questioned hope and self restraint. If right and left were set before, and straight the way made good and clear. With ever thoughts of ease did labour on, refusing all the Cross to...
  7. rhomphaeam

    The Potters Clay (A Poem)

    I looked and saw the Potters’ clay. Conceived in all its worth and purpose. To comprehend such fine intent, was made. Behold in all that beauty measured true, The Workman did with skill to labour all. Its lovely hues and colours set to good. The outer garment bright, its form well hewn. Its...
  8. rhomphaeam

    To Rise on Eagles' Wings (A Poem)

    Accusation Before this cause did once besought my youth, Undoubted measure in measure full conceived. Betided truth of nothing left for gain or hope, Complete the fall that fall did make to press. Refrain Rise up my chosen child of hope rise up Rise up, and in thy supplication flee to Christ...
  9. rhomphaeam


    Frustrations and Stumbling's Why draw into these things in this way? Why not just simply answer a question concerning wickedness and vanity with an affirmation of goodness, of God and Christ? The reason is because of the times in which we live, when all of Satans’ efforts to deceive man, as...
  10. rhomphaeam

    Prayer - A Principle

    NBLC PRINCIPLES Intercessory Prayer There are many kinds of prayer and it is worth exploring what some of these prayers are like so that we can find liberty when we pray. Perhaps the first thing to say is that when we speak of prayer we are in truth speaking of God's will. And whilst some...
  11. rhomphaeam

    A Faithful Wait (A Poem)

    How great thy works O Lord made full, Though men with spirits born again and heeding not, Find sudden unexpected loss, laid low with grief. So much a perfect work restrains this carnal flesh, Imprisons all, though inward shines. If not the garment torn by willing cross to bear, If all its...
  12. rhomphaeam

    Obedience (A Poem)

    If thoughts of sweet content do flee! In men with certain flesh inclined, Those sins that Christ did once deny, Forsaking all the cross to bear. What ought my heart to Him now say? Lest once despising that great love, Be found in Him a cast away. Lord by all thy strength and good, Lay waste the...
  13. rhomphaeam


    There are many issues in life which we have received to ourselves that have given rise to anger and fear. When we were children and into our teens we found that our face was often set at variance with those who were given charge over us. Be that our father and mother, the policeman and the...
  14. rhomphaeam

    When Revival Comes

    Let us deny ourselves, take up our cross in obedience and be ready when the Father revives His people.
  15. rhomphaeam

    Beautiful in all parts!

    May the Lord grant us peace and wisdom in all our dealings.
  16. rhomphaeam

    New Member

    Just saying hello!