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  1. C

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer against beelzebub

    Good day, I am asking for prayer against the spirit beelzebub. Please pray against this spirit operation in my life.
  2. N

    [__ Prayer __] Please help my husband and marriage

    My husband is going through a very hard time/mental health issue and being deceived heavily into a life full of sin and darkness and a lot of confusion. He is lost!!! Please pray for the healing and deliverance of my husband and restoration of our marriage. Thank you very, very much!!! I am...
  3. E

    [__ Prayer __] Ultrasound

    So I admit I am not the most religious person and have beliefs many wouldnt accept here probably. But aside of that I am trying to learn and get more spiritual. Tomorrow morning I am having an ultrasound for a mass to see if it had grown. So if possible I’d appreciate prayers/healing vibes in...
  4. B

    [__ Prayer __] For my mom, and everyone I know. And me.

    Need prayer for my mother, she’s not feeling well. All my family and everyone else I know. For all their salvation most of all. I’m not mentally well either. I also need Gods help in every area of my life. Thank you all. Father God through Jesus Christ our Lord bless you all with love...
  5. R

    [__ Prayer __] Seeking help

    (I truely believe there's GOOD in people out there). My dog and I are homeless and hungry. I lost my job, lost my my best friend in a car accident and now I lost my place,my home for not paying rent. I given all I had to my friends funeral. I prayed maybe things will get better for me. I feel...
  6. T

    [__ Prayer __] Please pray for my mental health 🥺

    How do you face critical problems like unavoidable health issues? I’m struggling with mental illnesses, hope God will save me 🥺
  7. craigdressler

    How You Can Be Found And Become A New Person

    The following is a prayer for anyone who is tired of their life as it is and wants to become born again or a new person in Jesus: "Father God, I come to you asking for forgiveness for my sin. Please forgive me because of what Jesus did on the cross by dying for my sin. Jesus, please come into...
  8. Brock

    [__ Prayer __] Need prayer for a friend

    A person very close to my family just had a c-section the baby is healthy but the doctors fear for her life please pray that nothing happens and that she will recover thanks and God bless.
  9. Brock

    [__ Prayer __] Parents and me

    I was thinking about sitting down my parents to have a talk about some things that have been happening recently if you want to know what's going on you can see the story here just please pray that the conversation will...
  10. hannahelizabeth93

    [__ Prayer __] Prayer for the girl who is being molested

    I received a craigslist call from a strange man that showed up as no caller ID. The only words I heard from him before I hung up were "hello there, I've been molesting my step daughter everyday for..." I was utterly disgusted and terrified just by the few words he spoke to me. I couldn't even...