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prayer request

  1. J

    [__ Prayer __] Prayers needed. Evil spirits in my body

    I don't know what else to do about this. A year ago, I touched something in my backyard late at night. I'm not sure what it was exactly, but it appeared to not be physical. I was scared at first, but I thought I was being a wuss if I didn't go near it. Next thing you know I'm having all kind of...
  2. C

    Being strongly urged to pray for someone Everytime they enter my mind

    Years ago i liked this girl, she came from a Christian background and i just ended up falling for her hard, it ended with her rejecting me and i just moved on but about 3ish years ago we became friends again. She got really went wild after we stopped talking and is currently not in good shape...
  3. B

    [__ Prayer __] For my mom, and everyone I know. And me.

    Need prayer for my mother, she’s not feeling well. All my family and everyone else I know. For all their salvation most of all. I’m not mentally well either. I also need Gods help in every area of my life. Thank you all. Father God through Jesus Christ our Lord bless you all with love...
  4. A

    [__ Prayer __] Really Need Hope

    I have had the worst life in the world. I know that sounds dramatic but it is the only way that I can describe my life life I look back over it. I have been abused in almost every way, shape and form possible. I have been betrayed and hurt by so many people. I have had to deal with so much...
  5. BrotherAlan30

    [__ Prayer __] ⚠ Contains triggers ⚠ I need God's help to survive this

    Hello my brothers & sisters, Unfortunately things have gone from bad to worse :sick I try very hard with "Love Thy Neighbour" and "Hate the sin, love the sinner", it's been very difficult as the woman in the building next-door has been bullying me, dumping waste (aka "rubbish" or "trash")...
  6. DearestDarling

    [__ Prayer __] Overwhelmed by everything

    It's 2:50 in the morning, 40 minute until I wake up my husband to take us to work. And I'm really angry because one of our many irresponsible housemates straight up refuses to take his elderly, incontinent cat to the vet, because he's all salty that he had to pay 500 for the cat's last visit. So...
  7. Bill McConnell

    [__ Prayer __] Negotiations for the coming year...

    Once again, for my daughter's benefit, she is in negotiations for the coming year at the school where she serves/works. (Nov 4-6) Negotiations for raising funds or being an actual paid employee. She is a valuable asset to the school and has been there for 2 years already. We'll see how God...