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    Strengthening families through biblical principles.

    Focus on the Family addresses the use of biblical principles in parenting and marriage to strengthen the family.

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    There is salvation in no other, for there is not another name under heaven having been given among men, by which it behooves us to be saved."


  1. B

    [__ Prayer __] For my mom, and everyone I know. And me.

    Need prayer for my mother, she’s not feeling well. All my family and everyone else I know. For all their salvation most of all. I’m not mentally well either. I also need Gods help in every area of my life. Thank you all. Father God through Jesus Christ our Lord bless you all with love...
  2. R

    [__ Prayer __] Seeking help

    (I truely believe there's GOOD in people out there). My dog and I are homeless and hungry. I lost my job, lost my my best friend in a car accident and now I lost my place,my home for not paying rent. I given all I had to my friends funeral. I prayed maybe things will get better for me. I feel...
  3. N

    [__ Prayer __] Please pray for this big project

    Please pray for this important project to teach fundamentals and truth in right doctrine.. please pray