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  1. D

    Should we procreate in the end times of Revelation?

    This may be a rather unusual question, but anyway... "Be fruitful and multiply" God says to Adam and Eve (Genesis 9:7) so one of our inherent goals in this world is to procreate. However, it is clear for those with eyes open to see that we are living in the beginning of the end times according...
  2. Guillermo Yacante Afonso

    The Trilogy (Book on biblical prophecies)

    I wanted to share a link to the trailer of the book I wrote for the Church. This book is called The Trilogy, and very responsibly teaches about why the Church has to understand that the rapture is not before the tribulation. The book explains each prophecy involved in the doctrine of the...
  3. Guillermo Yacante Afonso

    The Big Story [Video on The Bible from its beginning to end]

    Hello brothers, I wanted to share a video I made to honor the Lord. It is called The Big Story, and it tells The Bible from its beginning to its end, without saying a single word. It is an artistical video. I hope you like it.
  4. P

    Revelation: An Early Preterist Date VS A Late Preterist Date

    With which of these two, conflicting preterist claims do you agree, concerning the dating of the book of Revelation? James Stuart Russell (the early date): VS Kenneth L. Gentry (the late date):
  5. D

    How did understanding and embracing Preterism affect your faith?

    Dear brothers and sisters, if any of you would be so kind as to give us a testimony of how leaving the more commonly held eschatology of futurists and embracing preterism affected your faith, I’d be very interested. This is not intended as a debate about the details or the different varies per...
  6. A

    The Apocalypse is fake?!

  7. B

    Revelation is a Lie?!?

    Yes, Jesus will come again. Yes there is a period of the Mark of the Beast, where normal social activity is excluded. Yes, Jesus will stand outside the gates of his own church. Yes, there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth. Actually, I believe Jesus already has come again, and is among us...
  8. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Interior Breakthrough

    How do we move in heavenly authority in our lives?
  9. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Releasing The Buried Potential

    Is it necessary to be spiritually open and receptive in our daily walk?
  10. Albert Finch

    Bible Study Coming Out Of The House

    Do we have the authority to transform lives?
  11. Endtime_Survivors

    Smallish update on the cashless society

    I recently chatted with a friend who lives in Australia. Apparently, in Sydney, it is no longer possible to buy bus fare with cash, at all. They use something called the "opal" card, which is similar to the "oyster" card in the UK. Apparently it's still possible to use cash for tickets on the...