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5 Apocalyptic End of Days Prophecies. RED CLOUDS WILL BE IN THE SKY. End Times



Five prophecies describing events that will occur at the end of the End Times and during the cleansing of the earth.
First Prophecy, Brother John of Broken Rock.
Brother John's prophecy dates back to the 14th century.
At the end of the world, tyrants and hostile crowds will rob the Church and clergy of all their goods, torment and torment them.
Those who accuse them of the greatest abuses will be held in high esteem.
During this time, the Pope and his cardinals will have to flee Rome in tragic circumstances to a place where they will not be known.
The Pope will die a cruel death in his exile.
The suffering of the Church will be much greater than in any previous period in her history.
But God will resurrect a holy Pope, and the angels will rejoice.
Enlightened by God, this man will rebuild almost the whole world through his holiness.
He will lead everyone to true Faith.
Fear of God, virtue and good manners will reign everywhere.
He will lead all the lost sheep back to the fold, and there will be one faith, one law, one life rule, and one baptism on earth.
All people will love one another and do good, and all quarrels and wars will cease.

Second Prophecy, Sister Jeanne Royer.
Sister Jeanne Royer received visions and prophecies in the 18th century.
I had a vision.
Before the Father and the Son - both seated - kneeled a Virgin of unparalleled beauty, representing the Church.
The Holy Spirit spread His shining wings over the Virgin and two other persons.
Our Lord's wounds seemed alive.
Leaning with one hand on the cross, with the other he offered the Father the chalice that the Master was holding in the center.
The father placed one hand on the chalice and raised the other hand upwards to bless the Virgin.
I noticed that the cup was only half full of blood, and I heard these words spoken by the Savior at the time of offering: "I will not be fully satisfied until I can fill it to the brim."
I understood then that the contents of the chalice represented the blood of the first martyrs, and that this vision referred to the recent persecution of Christians whose blood would fill the chalice, thus completing the number of martyrs.
For at the end of time there will be as many martyrs as there were in the early Church, and even more, for the persecution will be much more violent.
Then the Last Judgment will no longer be delayed.
I see in God that before the rise of Antichrist, the world will be affected by many bloody wars.
Man will rise against man, and nations against nations, sometimes allied, sometimes hostile, in the struggle against the same party.
Armies will go into horrific collisions and fill the earth with murder and slaughter.
These internal and foreign wars will result in massive sacrifices, profanations, scandals and endless evil because of their intrusion into the Church.
I also see that the earth will be shaken in various places by terrible earthquakes.
I can see whole mountains cracking and splitting with a terrible noise.
A man will be too happy if he only manages to escape out of fear.
I see whirlwinds of smoke, fire, sulfur and tar emanate from these parting mountains, turning entire cities to slag.
All this, and a thousand other misfortunes, must occur before the man of sin arises.
I have seen in the light of the Lord that faith and our holy religion will weaken in almost every Christian kingdom.
God allowed them to be disciplined by the wicked to awaken them from apathy.
And when God's justice is done, he will pour out on his Church an abundance of graces, spread faith, and restore ecclesial discipline in those countries where it has become cold and neglected.
I saw in God that our Mother, the Holy Church, would spread to many countries and bear fruit in abundance to make up for the insults she would suffer from the ungodliness and persecution of her enemies.
Poor people, tired of the strenuous work and trials that God has sent to them, will then be carried away by the joy that God will instill in their good hearts.
The Church will, through her faith and love, become more zealous and more flourishing than ever.
Our good Mother Church will witness many amazing things, even from her former persecutors, who will come, rush at her feet, acknowledge her and plead for forgiveness from God, and hence for all the crimes and offenses they have committed against her.
She will no longer consider them her enemies, but will accept them as her own children.
Now all true penitents will flow from all sides to the Church, which will receive them into her bosom.
The whole community of the faithful will pour out their hearts in hymns of penance and thanksgiving to the glory of the Lord.
I see in God a great power, guided by the Holy Spirit, that will restore order through the second upheaval.
I see in God a great congregation of shepherds who will uphold the rights of the Church and its Head.
They will restore the former discipline.
In particular, I see two servants of the Lord who will stand out in this glorious struggle and who, through the grace of the Holy Spirit, will fill the hearts of this illustrious congregation with zeal.
All false orbs will be overthrown; all abuses of the revolution will be destroyed and the altars of the true God restored.
Old practices will be put back into practice, and our religion - at least in some respects - will flourish more than ever.
I see in God that the Church will enjoy profound peace for what I think is quite a long period.
This peace will be the longest of all that will occur between the revolutions that are now and the Court of Justice.
The closer we get to the General Court, the shorter the revolutions against the Church will be.
The kind of peace that will follow each revolution will also be shorter.
This is because we are approaching the End of Time, and there will be little time for the chosen ones to do good and for the bad ones to do evil.
One day the Lord said to me, “A few years before my enemy comes, Satan will raise up false prophets who will proclaim the Antichrist the true Messiah and will try to destroy all our Christian beliefs.
And I will tell the children and the elderly to prophesy.
The closer we come to the reign of Antichrist, the more Satan's darkness will spread over the earth, and the more his servants will increase their efforts to trap the faithful in their net.
As the reign of Antichrist draws near, a false religion will arise that will deny the unity of God and oppose the Church.
Mistakes will wreak havoc like never before.
One day I found myself alone with God on a vast plain.
Jesus appeared to me and from the top of a small hill he showed me the beautiful sun on the horizon.
He said sadly: The world is passing and the time of My Second Coming is near.
When the sun goes down, it is known that the day is almost over and that night will soon fall.
Ages are like days to me.
Look at that sun, see how long it has to go, and estimate the time left to the world.
I watched closely and thought the sun would set in two hours.
Jesus said, 'Don't forget, these are not millennials, but only ages, and they are few.
But I understood that Jesus had reserved the knowledge of an exact number for Himself, and I didn't want to ask Him any more.
It was enough for me to know that the peace in the Church and the restoration of discipline would take quite a long time.
God revealed to me the malice of Lucifer and the perverse and diabolical intentions of his henchmen towards the holy Church of Jesus Christ.
At the behest of their master, these wicked rage travel the world to prepare a way and a place for the Antichrist whose reign is drawing near.
By the tainted breath of their proud spirit, they poisoned the minds of men.
Like those infected with the plague, they passed the evil on to one another, and the plague became commonplace.
The storm began in France, and France will be the first theater of its desolation after it was its birthplace.
The Church in the Council will one day strike, overthrow and destroy the bad principles of this criminal constitution.
What a consolation!
What a joy for the true believers.

Third prophecy, Sister Johanne.
Johanne's sister was born in 1850.
She had the gift of stigmas and her prophecy is as follows.
There will be a three-day Darkness throughout nature; during the three Nights and Two Days there will be an uninterrupted night.
Lit Candles will be all the Light you can have.
One candle will last for three days.
Lightning will strike these houses, but not the candlelight.
Neither wind, storm, nor earthquake will destroy the lit candles.
But in the homes of the wicked and those who have not found God through all this, evil spirits will appear in the most terrible configurations imaginable, and they will make the strangest noises ever heard.
Red clouds like blood will move across the sky.
Cracks and thunder shake the ground.
Incredible lightning will shake the streets in a way never seen before.
The ground will shake to its foundations.
Ocean waters will foam above the ground and be thrown behind the dykes.
And all the earth will become a graveyard.
The hunger will then be great.
This Crisis will come very soon and the punishment will be the same all over the world.
Fourth prophecy, brother Hepidanus

Hepidanus was a Swiss monk who lived in the 11th century.

From north to south, the world will be divided into two mighty hosts.

The North will march against the South, son against father, and will bring misfortune with him over the mountains, as night follows day ...

There will be a gloomy cloud, and from it will come a terrible storm.

It will consume a third of humanity that was still alive at the time.

And he will destroy a third of all crops, villages and cities, and there will be great misery and lamentation.

A mighty empire will disappear and another will take its place.

A storm blows from the East, a hurricane howls from the West; woe to those who enter the sphere of this bloody whirl.

Thrones from a thousand years ago will fall from heights ... between the Rhine, the Elbe and the Danube a vast morgue will be created and a landscape of vultures and ravens ...

When the sign of fire appears in the sky, the time of these days will be close to embrace humanity ... but the dates, when this sign flashes in the sky, no mortal will know.

Prophecy five, Nectou's father.

Father Nectou's prophecy dates back to the 18th century.

The confusion will be so general that people will not be able to think reasonably, as if God withheld His Providence from mankind, and that during the worst crisis, the best that can be done is to stay where God has placed us and persevere in fervent prayers.

At this time, such a terrible crisis will occur that people will believe that the end of the world has come.

Blood will flow in many big cities.

The elements themselves will be convulsive.

It will be like a small Common Court.

Great numbers of people will lose their lives in these terrible times, but the wicked will not be victorious.

They will actually try to destroy the entire Church, but they will not be given enough time because the terrible crisis will be short-lived.

When all is considered lost, they will all be found safe.

This catastrophe will come shortly after England's power begins to wane.

It will be a sign.

Just like when the fig tree begins to sprout and release leaves, it is a sure sign that summer is near.

England, in turn, will experience a more terrifying revolution than that in France.

It will last long enough for France to regain its strength; then he will help England restore peace and order.

During this revolution, which is likely to be general and not limited to France.

Paris will be so completely destroyed that twenty years later fathers walking through its ruins with their children w

ill be asked by them what this place was; to which they will answer: My child, it was a great city that God destroyed because of his crimes.