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[__ Prayer __] A friend of mine has a prayer request.


The Pharocracy of Hevaten
Aug 22, 2011
This is the exact post of a friend of mine form the Warrior Cat Forums. It's for her friend.

Originally posted on the warrior cat forums by Whisper the Kittypet
It's not about me, it's about someone else. Before you click out of this, please, please just promise you'll pray for my friend, no matter if you read this or not.

Okay, well my friend, Lynnden, she has been having some problems with her mother. Her mom does drugs, and is drinking all the time, always swearing and screaming and hurting Lynnden for no reasons at all, and her dad is dead.

So, lately Lynnden's been acting weird, like scary weird. She's been trying to get me to smoke and chew, and she's like the sweetest person I know. I think all that screaming and hurting and drugs has gotten into Lynnden's head, and she's started following her footsteps.

She's been rude and short-tempered and is loosing all her friends. She was talking to me about killing herself, getting out of the world. Away from everyone but her father and the ones she loved. I went to the councilor right away, and that made it worse. Lynnden hasn't been at school for weeks, and I'm very very afraid that she's gone for good.

I can't loose her, she's my best friend. I love her like a sister, and if I loose her, I don't think I could live anymore myself. Please Lynnden, please stay here. We all love you.