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Biblical Archaeology Websites List


Huntsville, Alabama
Oct 19, 2005
Great idea, thanks for contributing!

Your third one is one I frequent often because I subscribe to their Biblical Archaeology Review (BAR) magazine. They also hold annual conferences/symposiums in the US where leading Syro-Palestinian/Biblical archaeologists come to speak to give the latest updates on their fieldwork or discuss special topics, one of which I attended just last year in Atlanta.

Just to add two more:

1. Archaeology: Digging up Bible Stories - A personally run site by a guy named Steve Rudd who knows a heck of a lot about archaeology as relates to the Exodus and also a lot about the "desert nations" like Edom, Midian, the Amalekites, and the Arabians (from his [foot]notes you can tell that he is very well acquainted with the scholarly literature). He also has lots of personally annotated maps taken from Google Maps, which he then puts labels of different regions, dates of occupation, and travel routes on top of. I don't agree with all his conclusions but it is interesting nonetheless.

2. Luke Chandler's Blog. He gives updates with pictures almost every week of different archaeological projects (many of which he digs on) in Israel. I've chatted with him in the comments section of some of his articles before. I love his blog, its very informative and up-to-date. He also has a YouTube channel with some great footage of both modern and archaeological sites in Israel from his video camera - it is at least second best (in a good sense) to actually being able to be there yourself!