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Capital Punishment: The Movie


2022 Supporter
Jul 19, 2021
Nope, I watched the video you shared. Nothing in it shows Biden's numbers going up multiple times.
I'm not actually speaking only to you Milk-Drops, but to the people who, by your response, would be misled into thinking that there was a way to correspond the video with the vote count at any given moment. It is deliberate word play to influence people who haven't seen the video into not bothering to. Knowing that you get by with it all these years is disturbing.


God bless you
May 18, 2017
Democracy is Socialism.

America is a Republic, in which individuals have inaliable rights that can not be stripped away by power hungry tyrants.

One of our rights is the right to keep and bear arms, in which we can enforce all the other rights we have from power hungry tyrants.

In a democracy, those in power decide what rights the people have or don’t have.

I understand you are linking certain labels together, in a way that puts certain groups outside the societies choice, socialism, and others within societies choice, the ability to kill people at ones own discretion.

A parliamentary or house democracy is simply a way of representatives to pass laws by which the society is governed.

A communist state is ruled by the party of true dedicated communists who dictate to the society what can and cannot be done.

A dictatorship is a state where an individual creates and rules to structure by decree.

You can corrupt all three power structures, and it happens to degrees in every system. Historically our democracy's have over a 20 year period supported the best advances and changes, especially with a highly educated and motivated population.

Power has rested on the power of industrial strength to produce goods, in more and more economical ways. The conflict of our day that is growing is how a communist state can harness economic and industrial power to overtake the world, over a self adjusting democratic system.

The rise of the british empire I could argue was founded on the success of mass produced steel, and the ability to transport goods around the world to new markets. The system that created this was not democracy as we know it today, but dictatorship of land owners and later factory owners of the day.

I read a paper on the projected decline of our civilisation in 2040 predicted back in 1972 from an MIT study. We are using up the worlds resources and unless we shift, no system will stop this problem. We may personally believe our culture has done x, we are the best, but this is mainly propaganda.

Our calling is to walk the way of Jesus, share His love with those we know and see His light dawn and grow in peoples hearts. God bless you


canada, western half
Apr 4, 2013
With the movie itself being behind a paywall, I won't be watching it. The entire ordeal was an odd thing to see, especially from far away.

The media was in a tizzy about an "insurrection". I got excited and turned on some news only to see no armed storming of the capital, but state servants opening barriers to let people walk in. Skip ahead to today and there have been no insurrection charges filed on any of the people that went in.