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Dolphin Tale


Sep 20, 2011
I say go. Not only will you enjoy this tale, but you will be supporting some of the cleanest movies around, promoting the production of more.

The word that was used so as to pull it out of the G rating into the PG (where more people would see it, increase revenue) . well, that word is all but intelligible. That was done well imo. The average child will not detect it.

(Yes, it's sad that a movie has to get a GP rating so someone will see it.)

For those not familiar with the story line, it's about a real life dolphin found caught in a fishing trap and whose end of tail had to be removed due to infection. A young boy who is disillusioned with life, school etc., is the one to cut him loose and one the dolphin connects to. The actual dolphin with it's tech tail can be seen in Clearwater, FL.