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Fellow believers where could I be going wrong as "strong" Female ?


Mar 14, 2023
My honest advice. I would take it really slow. Try to understand. As Christian people, were in spirtual battlefield against evil spirits and satan, ephesians chapter 6 to document. As a Christian, be very careful about compromise against your values and beliefs. When satan as antichrist comes 6th trump. You absolutely don't want a spouse breathing down your neck, pressing you to worship antichrist. Really get to know this person. Bottom line. You shouldn't compromise your values and beliefs. Sister, you absolutely must know who you have in Fox Hole with you. When satan as antichrist comes near future, we can't have Christian people who have a subverted mind or lack faith or their compromised, in the foxhole with us. Look at navy seals bud program. 10 percent out of 100 percent graduate seal school. The weak ones are weeded out. Get the picture. Think it over. Peace.
Nobody is Compramising! Chill.

This forum is bizarre, I am here for a discussion. To many fonts jumping the gun here.

This newfound union/friendship has actually been edifying to my faith and uplifted, I am more thirsty to venture in other areas in my faithful journey. As God wants use in different things I suspect.

Some of you are misguided due to your own experience which is understandable which means you jump the gun.