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Gergesenes to Gadarenes

Is sin indwelling the flesh the "same as" mankind?

  • No, sin is of the devil, not the same as mankind

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  • Yes, sin indwelling is the same as mankind

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  • The only satan and devils are mankind

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  • There is no such thing as satan and demons

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spiritinflesh at hot mail dot com
Oct 23, 2003
Peace, Grace, and Love to All who set their hands to Peace!

I had looked at these three particular chains of texts for a very long time trying to understand the disparity between the writers on the subject of the two men of the Gergesenes possesed with devils and the one man of the Gadarenes possessed with devils.

The best the any of the classic theologians could come up with is that these are two different accounts. This just looked like a convenient excuse for discrepencies in The Word.

One day I awoke and was contemplating what another good brother had shared with me on some other subjects and I was backtesting this brothers premise....that mankind and devils are not the same, but they inhabit the flesh of all mankind, and this dissection is the result of backtesting that premise.

Perhaps we will share The Bread of Life on these matters, but here is the dissection of this particular account from 3 of the writers. It is about:

"One Man" of Gadarenes possessed with devils and the "Two Men" of Gergesenes possessed with devils.

This account is written of by three writers in Matthew 8, Mark 5, and Luke 8.

On the surface this account may seem to be of two separate encounters, since there are two men residing in Gergesenes from Matthews account, and one man residing in Gadarenes from the Mark and Luke account. Two different locations. One man and two men.

So why did Matthew write that there were "two men?" And why did Matthew state that these same "two men" resided in Gergesenes? And why did Mark and Luke have only "one man" residing in Gadarenes?

Many have speculated that it was two different accounts, but the similarities are easily recognizable as the same account.

The acts of the men and the man. The herd of swine. The deliverance of the man. The swine hurdling themselves into the sea. Nearly unmistakeable as the same account.

So WHY the differences???

This account is filled with many spiritual correlations such as him being in the graveyard, unsuccessful attempts of others to bind him with chains, cutting himself, crying out, etc.

The primary teaching from the disciples become Apostles, the inspired writers, is that "one" of the "two" men was a stranger to Jesus Christ and that they "both resided in the same flesh!" This is "why" Matthew called the man "two" men and also why he made the connection to Gergesenes!

The meaning of "Gergesenes" in Aramaic is "a stranger drawing near" (yeah, go look it up. I'll make it easy for you

Don't forget to check the Word Origin and this word is connected to a root word, Girgasite meaning "dwelling on a clayey soil." So here we see the beauty of Aramaic meaning linked to root-word meaning played out in the reality of names and places in The Word.

The Girgasite "dweller on the clayey soil" is also the Gergesene "stranger drawing near" to the "one man" that he, Legion possessed, and is considered by Matthew to be that "second man!" A "second man" within the first man! The stranger/second man in this case is "legion" ("for we are many" is his statement.) It is that stranger who spoke "from the man possessed" who identified himself to Jesus. Jesus certainly knew in advance from being led there, and from the "preceeding signs" what was happening here within this "one man/two men."

Anywhere you read of the Girgasites in the O.T. there are certain correlations that "could" be made. The text is progressively complex and links to reality, even in our present day people/societies.

The meaning of Gadarenes is "reward at the end." This is how Luke and Mark saw this man. At the end. This is where One Man the end, where the "reward" was... Where Jesus Christ had "separated him," the one man, from his sinner, or his second man, or in this particular case his Legion of devils!

Now when you read of "the stranger" you may know who Jesus is addressing. This is one little key to opening understandings of exactly who the strangers are whom Jesus does not know. You see all this time you may have thought they were people. They dwell within the flesh of people but are not the same as people. Get it? Take this understanding to the LORD! LORD! story from Jesus and you may now see it differently. Who cried out from within these people?

The Word made flesh spoke to these things that inhabited the flesh quite often. He rebuked them and commanded them and cleaned them out of their fleshly hosts, mankind.

Now when you read Jesus berating the Pharisees and Saducees for being
"children of the devil" it was not the "one man" He was talking to, but the "second men indwelling their clayey soils." The "second men" who were attached to the one men's flesh!

The ones He called "Children of The Devil" and moreso, the "stranger(s)" that resided in the clayey soils of those MEN called Pharisees and Saducees.

It was to the "strangers" that Jesus proclaimed His indignation and eternal damnation! It is always so with Jesus speaking eternal condemnation! In eternal damnation Jesus speaks not to the the friend (all of mankind) but to the "foe (children of darkness who cannot be "materially" seen!) but are Manifested in the "words and deeds of men."

For those of you who really love The Word may you find "more" understandings and not be discouraged by supposedly wrong accounts or contradictions or with what appear on the surface to be "contradictions."

Usually "behind" these "contradictions" there are great things hidden, especially for YOU who believe!

The unbeliever is blinded by their "stranger" or their "second men" or their "man of sin." The ones Paul called "sin indwelling" who were no longer I and the "evil" that was "present" within him (Romans 7:17,20-21) Yes, go LOOK it up. Please do!

These accounts can be understood in The Spirit, and The Spirit is Love. Love "encompasses" all things, Loves all "one men" who are not the "same as" the devils whom we are all "subject to" in the flesh, and does not judge "any" one men!

Love created the "second men" in order to demonstrate "eternal things" to mankind in contrast with temporary or temporal things. Eternal things like MERCY. (Romans 11:32)

Since "we" apart from The Word cannot discern ourselves from what we are "bound with."

The reward at the end is that all of us "one men" will be separated from our "strangers." Our second men. They are the ones that will be left behind for judgment when this present earth takes the heat.

It is of the stranger that caused Paul to write "Nevertheless not I, but "sin" that dwells in me.†Paul wrote that evil was "present" within him also. He called himself neither of these, but that his flesh was subject to the "law of sin." Picking up The Law reveals the presence of "sin in men."

Saul changed to Paul was yet another picture of separations just as Cephas was changed to Peter. It is "upon this understanding" that Jesus builds His Church!

Both Saul and Cephas were manipulated by their "elemental spirits." They were blinded to this present reality of sin indwelling them and "evil" present with them, as is the case with all "carnal" people! They get a "new name" when the Light comes up to their heads and hearts.

I know those who bicker and dispute and do not love "all people" are writing from the "strangers seat." You, the "one man" have my love in understanding also, as we all seek the defeat of the stranger, the sin indwelling us all, the evil present dwelling upon the clayey soils of our bodies[/b by Jesus Christ, The Word of Truth made "flesh."

The "one men" are Perfect and are "made so" by Him, yes even from the beginning. All of mankind are God's Children. Psalms 82:6.

The strangers, "sin" indwelling, "evil" present, are upon us "all" in the “mortal body†until the end of mortal life in this clayey flesh.

There is The Reward at the end that awaits us "all!"

Romans 6:7 “For he that is dead is freed from sin.â€Â