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Hi Christine and welcome to CF. Thank you for sharing this with us.

The video is a teaching video, even though not much information from her except to read Jeremiah 50-51 which is very important to study. If we study Jeremiah 50-51 then go to Rev 17-18 we can start to understand Jeremiah's prophecy of end time destruction of God's great wrath.

Going to move this to End Time Foruma as a better fit for discussion.
what bases do you ay that we shouldwatch this unknown video and why should we share it?
If you would have watched it you would have seen its importance. Please do not knock something you have not seen.
I don't watch any video that does not have a sumary or a clear reason saying why It should be watched.

As far as I am concerned, " Watch this video" is an invitation to download viruses.
I can understand that, but if she would have explained it first would you have opened it? Many post videos in here without explaining them first that lead to some great discussions.

Just saying!!!