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Jesus Can Not Be Defeated.

JAG ..

Apr 20, 2015
Jesus Can Not Be Defeated.
September 16, 2021

Because God can NOT be defeated and Jesus is God.

Jesus is the Word and "In the beginning was the Word
and . . . the Word was God" {John 1:1} . . .

. . . and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us and He can not
be defeated by Sin, Satan, and Satan's sad selfish self-seeking sapiens.

Would you please seize . . . upon this mighty truth:

Jesus is NOW the most powerful Person in the Universe. John 13:3
John 3:35 John 5:22 Col. 2:9-10 Matt. 28:18 1 Cor. 15:24-25

And He was there when . . .

The Holy Trinity {Father, Son, Holy Spirit} created Andromeda, a galaxy
41,631,870 miles in diameter {67 kiloparsecs} which is only one of a few
hundred billion galaxies in the Universe ~ by the way Andromeda has an
estimated one trillion stars.

Speaking of stars . . .

Astronomers estimate there are between 30 to 70 billion trillion stars in the
Universe. The Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit created it all.

So? So They are powerful. They can not be defeated.

"Now wait just a minute", objected Frail Christian Pessimist, "the Father, the Lord
Jesus, and the Holy Spirit lose the War For The World. They fail to Christianize
the world, and defeat evil, before Jesus returns."

Then out spake Braveheart the man of God, "So, Frail, you teach that Jesus and
His Great Commission fails?"

"Yes", replied Frail Christian Pessimist, "Jesus' command to His Christian Church
to go and make disciples of all nations will fail."

"But consider this.", replied Braveheart the man of God, "When Jesus commanded
His Christian Church to carry out His Great Commission, He said 'All authority in
heaven and on earth has been given to me. THEREFORE go and make disciples
of all nations' and He added 'surely I am with you always to the very end of the age'"

"Where in the Bible does Jesus say all that?", asked Frail Christian Pessimist.

""Matthew 28:16-20", replied Braveheart the man of God.

"Moreover", continued Braveheart the man of God, "Jesus' death on The Cross
and His Resurrection, has NOW defeated all His Enemies, and Sin, and Satan
and . . .

. . . Jesus NOW sits at the right hand of the Father God Almighty, so Jesus NOW
has ALL power to win the War For The World.

"I base my beliefs about the future on what the newspapers say", replied Frail
Christian Pessimist, "and the news headlines say the world is growing more and
more evil all the time."

"So Evil, not Jesus, wins the War For The World?", asked Braveheart the man of God.

"Yes, that's exactly right. You are correct", replied Frail Christian Pessimist.

"Are you saying that Jesus is a Loser?", asked Braveheart the man of God.

"I fear the worst", replied Frail Christian Pessimist.

{A wise man once asked:
Can we trust newspapers and news headlines to tell us the truth? Do you, reader,
trust newspapers to tell you the truth?}

"By the way I'm curious, what are your favorite news sources?", asked Braveheart the
man of God.

"I read the news headlines every day on the Internet", replied Frail Christian Pessimist,
"and I listen to the cable news networks a lot. I particularly like Fox News."

"But the Bible is our source", replied Braveheart the man of God, "and all Scripture is given
by inspiration of God {2 Timothy 3:16-20} . . .

. . . and we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us . . .

. . . this means . . .

. . . we can successfully carry out our Lord Jesus' Great Commission command, to go and
make disciples of all nations."

"No! We can not do that", replied Frail Christian Pessimist. "Evil is more powerful than Good,
and the Good loses the War For The World. I'm not giving up my newspapers."

Elsewhere on the battlefield . . .

Lieutenant Pale Grasshopper: "Look General, our Christian Army is taking heavy losses
everywhere along our front, on both our flanks, and in our center. We're losing the battle,
sir, and we must speedily retreat right now, General."

General John Strongfaith: "Stand firm. Stay calm. Be strong. Get a hold of yourself
Lieutenant Grasshopper. Have faith in God. Hold on. Take courage. Our heavy casualties
only serve to make our army battle-hardened which makes us stronger. We know how this
war ends. We win it. This Christian Army gradually destroys all it's enemies {1 Cor. 15:24-25}.
Therefore we fight it on out to the end. So advance the entire line forward right now, and do it
with a glad heart."

Back to Braveheart . . .

Braveheart the man of God speaks:

"There is world-changing power in The Blood of The Cross.

There is world-changing power in Jesus' Resurrection.

The Bible says Jesus 'was declared the Son Of God WITH POWER by the Resurrection from the
dead' {Philippians 2:8-9} . . .

. . . and shortly after His Resurrection, Jesus boldly proclaimed that 'All authority has been given
to Me in heaven and on earth' {Matthew 28:18}


So Jesus commanded His evangelizing Great Commission SOON AFTER His Resurrection. Why
is this important? Because of the huge enormous power of His Resurrection to change the world.

We have Victory in Jesus! Jesus NOW has the power to empower His Christian Church to go and
make disciples of all nations."

"Evil is strong and the Christian Church will fail to successfully carry out Jesus' Great Commission",
replied Frail Christian Pessimist.

Braveheart the man of God, in kindness and with compassion now said to Frail Christian Pessimist:

"Frail, I leave you with these Christian victory thoughts: There is no power on this earth that can defeat
the power of The Cross and the power of Jesus' Resurrection . . .

. . . that now empowers Jesus' Christian Church to successfully carry out His Great Commission to
go and make disciples of all nations . . .

. . . therefore the Lord Jesus will gradually win the War For The World.

"The newspapers paint a different picture", replied Frail Christian Pessimist, "and I have faith in the news."