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Just remember...

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Feb 27, 2009
Just remember, that just becasue this is the games section of the site, that the forum rules do not apply.

Please especially remember these forum rules that could be particularily applied or forgotten in this forum:

TOS #2 said:
2 - No pornography links or photos. No vulgar sexual remarks. No foul language or symbols to suggest such remarks. This is a Christian site, plus, there may be young ones on the board.

TOS #3 said:
3 - No active promotion of other Faiths is allowed:

You will not post any messages; links, images or photos that promote a religion or belief other than Biblical and historical Christianity (atheism is considered a "belief" for the purposes of this rule). Discussing these doctrines are fine, as long as the beliefs are not actively promoted. This includes Universal Reconciliation and Universal Salvation, which are only allowed in the 1 on 1 Debate Forum. This is a Christian Forum as the name suggests.

Only scripture from accepted Christian bibles will be allowed to be posted on this board. The New World Translation is not considered Christian material on this site. Discussion about other scripture, documents, writings or material is acceptable but will not be permitted to be used as a basis of support within a debate or discussion.

Discussion of Catholic doctrine will be allowed in the One on One Debate Forum and End Times forum only. Do not start new topics elsewhere or sway existing threads toward a discussion or debate that is Catholic in nature.

TOS #4 said:
4 - No Trolling:

You will not post anything that disrupts the peace and harmony of this forum. Don't make inflammatory remarks just to get a response. This will also include posts that put down Christianity in general or any posts considered as blasphemy by staff (this is a CHRISTIAN FORUMS site).

Included is the multiple submission of posts and topics. Please do not flood the site with one copy/paste post after another. (see #9 for more details)

TOS #24 said:
24 - No spamming. Don't flood the board with commercial posts, meaningless text, unnecessarily long messages or otherwise useless material. Do not spam the members of advertising your own website utilizing Personal messages or email. You may list such information in your signature file as long as the contents of your site fall within the guidelines of these terms of service.

TOS #25 said:
25 - No solicitation or advertising. Our message boards are for discussions, not to sell goods or services. If you would like to advertise, please use the appropriate forum which requires a minimum of 20 post before you can advertise you site.

TOS #26 said:
26 - Do not make statements either by posts or posting URLs to other Websites which advocate activities, beliefs or teachings contrary to those of Christianity as articulated by the historic creeds, as understood by Evangelicalism, and as interpreted by the Leadership's sole discretion.

Any URL that is posted that leads to a page that is of anti-Christian content, or of such content that is offending or disturbing to other board users the URL will be removed. This removal and decision for removal will be done so at the discretion of the Leadership.

Refrain from making statements or posting URLs which promote the acceptability of the homosexual lifestyle, adult entertainment, sexual immorality or pagan and false religions. No repeated posting of URLs to sites which have content that would violate the Terms of Service, the Nicene Creed, Belief Statement or other widely accepted scopes of Christian beliefs as interpreted by the Leadership of this board at their sole discretion. If you are unsure about a site or content please direct your question to any of the Staff, or Administrators. This rule also applies to any material whether it be on the web, in print, on video, or on audio.

Keeping that in mind, happy posting in the games forum (and the site as a whole) and abide by the rules and you'll have a good time! :).
Not open for further replies.