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Our Newlywed Christmas

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family
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Dec 20, 2019
My husband, Dedy, and embraced our first Christmas season as a married couple with a sense of adventure. We chose to experience the excitement of three celebrations: with my side of the family, with his side of the family — and our very own take on the holiday.

My side of the family had their traditional eggs Benedict breakfast, the sporting of paired pajamas and a gift-opening ceremony that included a riotous revealing of secret Santas.

Dedy’s family held minute-to-win-it games, a color-coordinated family picture and a remarkable spread of Hawaiian, Indonesian and other scrumptious holiday dishes that included fish, chicken and king crab.

For Dedy and me, our first Christmas season as husband and wife included surfing, making meals together, opening presents (laughing about the “hidden” gifts accidentally discovered in our small apartment) and reflecting.

We also used Advent studies to journal and discuss the marvel of Christ. We soaked in the surreal recognition of God made flesh. In the midst of an incredibly busy season, taking this time to reflect helped us find deep-seated purpose and connection in God’s presence. When our first holiday season as a married couple came to an end, we were full of contented joy and thankful for the relationships that connected us to our extended families and to God, the ultimate giver of peace and joy.

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