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    Focus on the Family addresses the use of biblical principles in parenting and marriage to strengthen the family.

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    There is salvation in no other, for there is not another name under heaven having been given among men, by which it behooves us to be saved."

Real Practical Faith

So me and my brother in Christ just started a YouTube podcast channel. When we look behind us, we don't see the next generation of believers stepping up to serve God like we did. The hunger and drive that we had to just serve the Lord however we could, is what we are not seeing! So we want to get the word out about how to use faith in a reap and practical application in our every day lives and not just on Sundays! I'm not asking for subscribers, but instead prayers so that we are successful to the point not of monetary success but to see God move in a generation of unlimited applications of faith in all areas of our lives! If you would like to check out the channel and leave some feedback that would also be welcome, as we are very new to this and have never edited videos or worried about a camera angle before.😄 Or you can drop an idea or comment down in the thread! As always we give all the praise, honor, and glory right back to God🙏🏽 , Igniting Faith Unlimited on youtube .

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