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Stay Away From Trouble


CF Ambassador
Nov 20, 2020

An Emoji devotional for Tue, 30th November, 2021

Topic: Stay away from trouble


Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
1 John 2:15

The love of the father is the best. It gives long life and honor. But the world is full of addictions that gets anyone into trouble -from desires of lust to the hustle that crush. So, God want you out of trouble. He said "Do Not mess up yourself loving the world" because it may look good to love the world but it gives trouble. Its better that world hate you because you love Jesus Christ and do his will. But do not let God hate you. Don't mess up yourself

It is world's idea that you fight back those who fight you, but God says "No, Do not follow the pattern of the world". If you love to please the world, you will get into trouble. If you get into trouble because of world trend, you will displease God. Same thing is apparent and applicable to all other things about this world.

Anyone could love the world and displease God but Don't be that person. Let's take for example David's story - when he slept with Uriah's wife and sent the man to die in the mist of fierce battle - It all started because he loved the world. That's why he got messed up In 2 Samuel 12:1-20

So God was not at all pleased with what David had done, and sent Nathan to David. Nathan told him a story of how a rich man took a poor man's lamb and cooked it for his guest. David exploded in anger after hearing the story but Nathan told David; "You are that rich man in that story because what you did was bad". Though he fasted and prayed for mercy, David faced the music of his misdeed.

At a time, doing some things may be fantastic. But In whatever you want to do in life. Check if it will displease God first. Seek God's approval first Matthew 6:33. Stay away from the trouble the world Gives. It is better to love God the Father because loving Him keeps you safe from trouble. (Psalm 91:14 - This is why great people are great).

Prayer: Lord I love you, help me. I need help from±1 you to keep our love firm. Please do not let anything get in between my love for you. Jesus name.




Fight the good fight of faith
Staff member
South Carolina
Apr 22, 2011
Yes you are right I have some dues troubles but at the same time kayaking and web hosting related knowledge boomed me and now most of the problems are solved.
Not sure what this has to do with the opening post? As a child of God we need not concern ourselves with worldly ways that can snare us causing us to stumble and fall.


Truman the Norman
Nov 6, 2021
I stay away from trouble when I deal with my issues. Then there are those who cause me trouble...for me, that trouble has been...female.
I pick up my guitar, I start singing to the Lord, the anointing flows...He's all I need.