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The Coming Collapse of America and Loss of Scriptural Witness.


Feb 21, 2021
Revelation ch. 18 speaks of the cataclysmic fall of Mystery Babylon, in detail described as an economic and political empire reigning over all the Earth. There is no historic entity or power having existed as such other than modern America. Its utter collapse and destruction will occur "in one hour."

This will mean for America the loss of its electrical power grid, its entire monetary system and banking, its Internet, its phone communications, and it's media. Mass hysteria, panic, and wholesale social violence will immediately erupt.

Being so, without the electrical lights, with no personal privacy, and with no personal security, nobody will be able to read the Bible and communicate with others about God's Prophecy of this catastrophy having then taken place. All of the previously hidden meaning of End Times Prophecy in the Bible then taking place will not be known by humanity through normal means of communication. Nobody will be able to benefit from God's collective eschatological Prophesies in Daniel, Ezekiel, the words of Jesus, in Revelations by John, and in other Scripture because they will no longer be able to read and study the Bible. Churches and Christian Universities will not be able to review and study in the dark. There are not enough emergency generators, candles, or flashlights.

The only beings who will be able to review and see fulfilled End Times Prophecy will be those in Heaven and in the New Jerusalem. With the Internet and all media gone, nobody on Earth will be able to discuss how Bible Prophecy was then taking place.

Why did God provide such intricate and reliable Scripture which nobody on Earth then could discuss and rejoice about as it was hsppening, other than the Biblical Scholars who had memorized all of Prophecy? And, even they can only remain in their personal isolation, unable to explain it to anyone.

But, here is the answer. The 144,000 Witnesses of Revelation 7 & 14 will supernaturally go over all the Earth, proclaiming the Gospel and the fulfillment of Prophecy. This is God's miraculous provision for the publishing of His Word after all communications have been disabled.

We serve a Great God.
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